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Four period when the time limit of the employment contract comes at the end of this month workers are near, and it brings a case to the Osaka district court at the Sakai factory of air-conditioning equipment major "Daikin Industries" (Sakaishi) for the continuation of employment.
The correction guidance to this company by Osaka Bureau of Labor was received, and it was employed directly with the other 494 people though four people worked for a long term in "Camouflage contract" state.
Four people are outlooks that it is insisted, "As for the camouflage contract of a long term, the agreement of the breach Shite descending and the direct hire had been approved to Worker Dispatch Law etc. since the contract age", and the approval time of the direct hire becomes the main issue.

The period was employed to four people at most for 10-18 years in the this company Sakai factory in 2 and a half years in March, '08 by a man 30-in his fifties who had worked by the manufacturing process of air-conditioning equipment.

It is Iu according to the affiliate in case of being actually in the state of the camouflage contract that the employee of Daikin directs the piece-worker affairs while consigning affairs to plural contract companies in the Sakai factory after the 90's.

Correction guidance of Bureau of Labor of this company in December, '07 by Worker Dispatch Law breach. The contract age and the treatment hardly change in the hourly pay about 1300 yen, and the pay is a terminable contract and is Iu at most of 2 and a half years though the piece-worker was employed directly.

The worker of the period of novel employment that works in place of the period when it loses one's job worker has already been arranged in the office, and when they received the instruction to inherit the work method etc. , men of the bringing a case schedule are Iu.

The temporary worker is located by Worker Dispatch Law with a temporary, short-term labor force, and the acceptance will be limited in the principle three years (longest).

The agent and four attorney Koji Murata (Osaka bar association)
「The deep-frying phrase and the having period employment who has made the camouflage contract are pressed over many years, and the end is dismissed in shape of employing and stopping it. Such a method escaping legal is not permitted. 」It speaks. 

Four people are proposing the collective bargaining to this company on the 16th this month.
The Daikin Industries corporate communications room assumes, "I want to discuss it in the direction corresponding to the proposal of the collective bargaining".

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The cutback on hiring and announcements of test results.  two kinds every 1000 people of the decrease federal officer

The National Personnel Authority announced the successful candidate of two kind of the federal officer examination (university graduate level) that employed the middle management executive candidate of government ministries and agencies and the branch office at 2010 fiscal years on the 20th.

The adoption control policy of the government is reflected, and the number of successful candidates is 4076 people and (21・6%) setbacks from 1123 person preceding fiscal year.
It was few on the second eyes since 1,985 fiscal years when two-kind examination was introduced. On the other hand, the magnification improved from 7.7 to 11.8 times because 8100 people had increased the number of applicants. 1744 people who are less than 569 person preceding fiscal year are scheduled to be employed through the interview of the each ministry agency and the branch office in the future to the successful candidate.

Technical with a lot of adoptions in the field agency is an advance from last year's 5.4 times to 11.6 times. It jumped up from 5.5 to 27.3 times drainage and reclamation engineering among these and construction jumped up from 10.3 to 46.9 times.

15.9% in each academic background etc. ..graduate student (Completion and leaving school before graduation are included)...  24.2% Sots already 58.3% the collegian and the drop-outWoman's proportion was 28.4% that followed 29.6% in the past in fiscal year 2009 that was the highest.

Successful candidates of national tax special government were 1988 people, legal affairs teachers were 233 people, and the labor standard inspectors were 177 people.

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Toyota Motor clarified that about 500 people had been reduced from about 2300 of the ends of last year to July about the employment lingua period employee in expectation of the enlargement of the numbers of sales that centered on the young country marketplace on the ninth. The eco-friendly car subsidy system ends with appointment as the regular member at the end of September, and it is thought the countermeasure because of the expectation of the sales decrease.

It ..influence.. seems it.  to the trend of the other companies ..the expansion of period employee's employment again against the background of the increasing demand each car company since the autumn of last year.. ..the cutback on hiring of Toyota..

It is 11,600 on June, 2005 that the working force of the period of Toyota was most.
However, there is details to which the contract renewal is not done to the disruption lingua and others and the expiration of a period person, and a novel offering was narrowed up to 1100 people by the business slump in September, '21 in June, '20.

Afterwards, sales recovered by the economic measures effect of a domestic and foreign eco-friendly car subsidy etc. , and period employee's recruiting was restarted last October. The eco-friendly car subsidy that supported sales below was invalidly judged to be "After October, diminish demand" though it increased up to 2300 people in December of the same year.

The personnel reduction of an implementation drastic lingua has bathed in the criticism in the past, it is supposed to narrow in stages like 1900 people to June this year and 1800 people to July, and there is an indication, "Be approaching at 1100 of the ends on September last year that was the fewest" in the motor-dom, too.

Toyota has already decided the policy of decreasing the number of production of the per diem in October more than now by about 20%. About employee's of the period of the future employment「The outlook of sales after October doesn't look up. It carefully discusses it while seeing the trend of production. 」(executive of this company)It makes it. 

Employee's of the period of Toyota contract term is the longest and 11 months of two years. As a rule, it has not discontinued it during the contract term.

- Toyota Motor (7203) Http://

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The approach of putting on the office in the prefecture making man and woman's mannequin imagining the portrait of the resident who sent the complaint and the comment by telephone in Kyoto Prefecture, and working with the feeling tense started.

This approach is the one that Kyoto Prefecture started the method "Persona" to achieve the improvement of service by giving the efficiency of work due to feeling tense that it is always being watched by someone, and imaging the user concretely being taken.

In Office of Public Affairs in Kyoto Prefectural Office, it put together and five appeared in the mannequin of the man and woman of the upper-body last month. The staff of Office of Public Affairs made and what person made a lot of Kao analysis Shite for the resident who sent the complaint and the comment to the prefecture by telephone.

The name is named to the mannequin respectively, and there are Mr. "Fcmasaosam" etc. who assume the graduate student of 24 years who Mr. "Tomoko Hitomi" who assumes the woman of 32 years who is bringing up a child and is looking for a job. Moreover, there is a mannequin of the name of Mr. "Naniwa Yayoshico" who assumes the woman of 66 years who visits sightseeing from Osaka and sends the complaint, too and the work of the staff of Office of Public Affairs is gazed every day.

Man's staff was speaking, "It was thought that it was likely to think very, and came to come out actively if it was Yoshiko of the mannequin when talking all the opinion".

It is assumed that Office of Public Affairs wants to increase the number of mannequins in addition by the staff's bringing together everything and having made the mannequin and the dress in the future.

- Profile (under) that persona (on) set up in Office of Public Affairs and staff assumed Http://   JPG

- Image(There is a moving image in the source article. )

- Kyoto Prefecture--..Office of Public Affairs.. .."Persona".. ..showing...

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To catch the idea of "Socially responsible investing" (SRI) made an Kao indicator the investment choice was considering the environment and employment very and to put it when the investment choice enterprise of the occupational pension operated by labor and management was chosen, the union started the guideline-making. The introduction is pressed to the union of 600 or more of the union subsidiary where the corporate pension plan exists. There is a possibility that slack SRI extends compared with Europe and America, and a social contribution will be asked to the enterprise further in the stock market.

As for the union, the guideline is made within the year, and the worker representative of the board of governors of the corporate pension fund who composes of labor and management understands SRI through the union. It is Iu when thought whether to do the technology development that considers the environment whether to obstruct not only the profitability but also the female director's formation of the proportion and the trade union to the illegality as an indicator.

Unite advancing the approach : because there is a possibility that the investment turns to the enterprise that influences employment and the environment harmfully when it is operated by the occupational pension valuing only earnings. If it is assessed to the society, there is an expectation of growing up, and it doesn't contradict the profit if it sees for the long term, the enterprise that considers the environment and employment is Iu. In the trial of incorporated nonprofit organization "Social responsibility investment forum", the marketplace of SRI (2007) in the United States and Europe is 200 trillion-300 trillion yen dimensions.
It remains in 578.7 billion yen (09 years) in Japan.

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The phenomenon of falling below the unemployment rate of the man the unemployment rate of the woman continues for ten years or more in Japan.
What is the cause to which man's employment worsens from the woman?

The unemployment rate (ratio of complete unemployment) in May became 5.2% according to Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications "Labor force survey" that had been made public on June 29.
The unemployment rate of the woman is 4.7% and lows while the unemployment rate of the man is 5.5% when seeing by sex.
Why is the difference caused in the unemployment rate in the man and woman though there is analysis that employment begins to recover from the woman, too?

The unemployment rate of the man was lower than the unemployment rate of the woman at middle of the 1990's. After reversing it in fiscal year 1998, the female continues, and the unemployment rate continues and the low situation continues. Fiscal year 2009, the unemployment rate of the man gained a lead and the unemployment rate of the woman gained a lead the the greatest by 5.5% according to the fiscal year of 4.8% in the past.

The difference is expected to go out to the unemployment rate by the man and woman that category of business in which it starts work will affect it. The man starts work to manufacture and the general contractor as a trend, and the woman starts work to the medical treatment, welfare, the education, and the service industry. The employment status of the general contractor worsens chronic because the public service came to be reduced from the latter half of the 1990's. As for manufacture, a domestic employment situation is painful because of a de-industrialization by the overseas transfer of the shop and a small decrease of export by the world recession, etc.
On the other hand, the medical treatment, welfare, the education, and the employment of the service industry are relatively steady.

The trend similar to Japan is seen by other developed countries. The reversal phenomenon of falling below the unemployment rate of the man the unemployment rate of the woman occurred in the United States after the bubble burst of I T. In developed countries to which the service industry grows up, the unemployment rate of the woman engaged in the service industry is lowering relatively Yasui.
(The man and woman discrimination in this and the adoption and the promotion is re-another question. )

Oppositely, the unemployment rate of the man shows the tendency to fall below the unemployment rate of the woman in the developing country. In the developing country where the growth of the general contractor and manufacture is remarkable, the unemployment rate of the man is lowering relatively Yasui. The growth stage lowers like Chinese coast however in the developing country and the unemployment rate of the woman has lowered in an advanced region.

It seems to be able to be said that "Gap of the unemployment rate of the man and woman" seen in each country is a phenomenon to reflect features of industrial structure.
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The number of high school students who work part-time in the Hakuishi internal watermelon field has decreased every year.
It works, that the number of students decreased, is hot, and heavy because of being kept at a distance, it replaces the high school student, the difficulty of finding employment is reflected according to the falling birthrate, and employment agency and temporary staffing agency's expert lingua member of society is working hard at the harvesting operation ..under hot weather...

High school students are three people this year though ten years ago is 20 philtrums of the part-time job, high school students are 15-16 people, and university students were 4-5 people in the watermelon field of Mr. (69) Ba Hoshi of Ao watermelon (Is it Sui?) productive society belonging, and the man 30-in his forties dispatched by a private temporary staffing agency is working as for 17 remainder people.

Tetsuro farmer Nogawa (63) in the same city Takidani-cho assumes that the number of high school students decreased remarkably for 7 or 8 years. 「Need not a recent child do the pocket money work?Painful work seems not to want to do parents. 」It guesses. 

The number of attendees has decreased to Hakui with the tradition that works part-time by each part such as judoes and baskets every year.
The Catsrageyou Sakaguchi teacher of the advisor of the track & field team「When it becomes the second grader even if it puts it at the first grader, I do not want to harvest the watermelon. The student looks for the part-time job in the place where the air conditioner works for myself. 」It speaks. 

It is a private temporary staffing agency and employment agency Hakui that the farmer counts on instead of the high school student.
Three farmers have put out the job offer to employment agency Hakui now. However, the member of society who can endure work to overwork the body loading into the selection and the track in the pickup point while it is hot also has the example of the few resignations in a day and examples of the opposite resignation.

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Osaka Prefecture abolishes the periodical increment of one degree executive staff's year, and the bonus etc. of an excellent executive staff have understood the discussion the added mechanism its source of revenue. It aims at the introduction next spring by the first approach in the municipality that can be said, "Piece rate system". Governor Toru Hashishita is showing the volition , saying that "Make it to the system to which the staff who holds out is rewarding" though repulsion with "It comes to be caught only in the yield of the near future" has gone out of the staff, too.

Local Civil Service Law is a definition , saying that "It is necessary to provide in consideration of the country and other municipalities, etc." as for local public servant's salary. The each one rule body is an adoption Shite descending of the wage system of seniority that makes the federal officer a model, and once a year, and, ..prefecture.. up to now, it ..level.. has been raised that the 4 step of the title feed in the salaries table (..month about 1000-.. yen) uniform in the ABT member compared with person's staff.

It is discussed to make financial resources that fix the base pay of each official position of Director-General and the vice-chief, etc. in a new system, and allot it to the wage increase a source of revenue and to add to the executive job allowance the bonus or every month according to the work performance of the preceding fiscal year according to the human affairs room in the prefecture. When the element of the performance-based evaluation is strengthened more, it is Iu though the bonus puts a difference constant on the basis of the work performance though it is present.

The idea that does the early execution only in Director-General besides the idea that will start from the coming year in the section chief class or more of the executive job (about 750 people) is discussed, too. It is expected that the assessment of the result will be done by the performance etc. of the difficulty.

"Extend" that receives salaries equal with the assistant manager class of one high rank almost uniformly comes to light when serving as the chief clerk class for seven years or more in the prefecture last year. When a long-awaited theory to the piece rate system is strong as the opening of the monthly sum the greatest 170,000 yen goes out as the same chief clerk around the young man staff compared with the trend of "Old-timer preferential treatment", it is Iu.

However, there are "The number of executives who always think about the policy that the governor likes increases" (mainstay), "The staff of the post that doesn't see the yield like welfare and the highway management, etc. easily becomes disadvantageous" (executive), and a doubted voice, too.

Governor Hashishita spoke to the coverage of the Yomiuri Shimbun, "The allowance of the executive job wanted to discriminate in not the age but the assessment, and to do to a strong tela though might be inevitable resistance".

- Governor of Prefecture of Osaka Hashishita

- Osaka Prefecture

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Net loss of the badness 14.5 billion yen in the past. Kon two and Nippon Travel Agency Co. of excess of debt are tragic though see. "End" that is near at hand to major travel agency and comes.


「Child's memories Tona remains in memories of travel. When you propose neither the method nor the mechanism of the travel more in that sense ......」

The cause of "Young person's travel parting" is asked by a certain economic magazine, and it is president Hiromi of Tagawa of travel industry biggest Jeitebe (JTB) that does a remark pastoral indescribable. Having made a comeback to the head position after an interval of seven years : JTB in the finding employment wish enterprise ranking intended for 11,640 university students of the graduation schedule for next spring that Recruit announced. It is said a carefree remark of the Tagawa president to tell the truth, the entire travel industry segments have faced an unprecedented predicament though it is seen saying among which finding employment is popular as height, and fair wind and smooth sailing.

"The travel agency is dangerous. "It has been shouted so before the quarter of a century that the passport reservation system by the computer began to spread to the shop in the travel agency. A simple reason "The travel agency becomes unnecessary" the user was connected with accommodations in the railway and the conveyance and the hotel and the inn etc. such as aircraft online. However, after "Right and interest" is defended by the industry segments circumstances etc. related by the delay and bonds of maintenance on the infrastructure side like security and the liquidation system, etc. , and the internet use person increases explosively, the major travel agency has survived. should not.  already howeverThe bottom line of the major travel agency has a presentiment that not only the long-run fall but also the vulnerability of the financial affairs cannot be hidden under a cover, and the day of "Leave" is near.

- Only "Optimism travel" progresses.

JTB announced "The worst settlement of accounts ever" on May 28. Consolidated net sales at the period on March, '10 are 1,121,200,000,000 yen of the proportion 12% previous term decrease. The business trip demand for the enterprise decreased suddenly by the poor economy, and the demand for the independent tour dropped by the new influenza fashion, too. The valuation loss 2.4 billion yen of investment securities like portfolio stocks and the debenture, etc. according to the Japan Airlines failure in addition to such a revenue decrease was summed up, and consolidation final profit and loss became the deficit of 14.5 billion yen. The deficit of three digits is exceptional though the period on March, '09 was the final deficit of the consolidation of 2.3 billion yen. The net loss that exceeds 10 billion yen is the first time including the Japan Tourist Bureau age of the antecedent.

Kinki Nippon Tourist (Kon two) in the second industry segments place is more miserable. 62 billion 785 million yen and consolidation final profit and loss of the proportion 15% previous term decrease are deficits of three term serial in consolidated net sales at the period on December, '09, and the forehead is 8.4 billion yen. The final deficit forehead is progression of the disease lingua from 3.7 billion yen at the previous term (period on December, '08) in drastic. This company announces the store closure of all stores of about 20 percent (50-70 shops) following having executed the voluntary retirement of 192 people (3603 person of the total of the employee unit) last October. Additionally, reorganization plans of benefit abatement of the occupational pension were typed out one after another.

However, Kon two are summed up the consolidated net loss of 3.4 billion yen, and has fallen into the excess of debt of 387 million yen by 1st quarter (January-March) settlement of accounts at the period on December, '10 announced on May 11. This company to panic announces that the corporate headquarter building and the land that exists in the Tokyo Chiyoda Ward Kanda Matsunaga-cho on May 27 are sold off to Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. for 3.2 billion yen. It tries to make post the profit on sale of 750 million yen for the period on December, '10 public, and to prevent financial uncertainty from extending. It decides over Kon two in 01, and it flits to the observation with "The merger story with Nippon Travel Agency Co. reignites" that became a white paper easily in next year.


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It was clarified to be estimated that there were at least 79,000 students who repeated a year as the graduation period coming at the university in the whole country by "Ability of the university" investigation of the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Finding employment is not decided against the background of "Newly graduated batch adoption" of a persistent enterprise and the student who will face job hunting (Ts) again as "New graduate" next year increases rapidly. The number of graduands is about 568,000 people, and one person in seven people becomes a total calculation to which it repeats a year, and is inviting further intensification of the competition prevailing on the employment front. The concrete clarification of the realities of the finding employment repeating a year is first.

"Ability of the university" investigation is an implementation for national public and private 4-year university (The correspondence course etc. are excluded)735 schools of the whole country for two years.
About 50 items like the number of graduates and the number etc. of those who found employment were asked around the approach of the finding employment support this year of the third times, and 589 schools of about 80% answered. The difference between a graduand who is on the register in the graduation annual and an actual graduate turns out in that and it turns out to go up to about 79,000 people in fiscal year 2009. The follow-up lingua of this difference by the main 20 universities.

As a result,
〈1〉There are little reasons except repeating a year like the withdrawal, going abroad to study, and the death, etc.
〈2〉It is thought that the slump of job hunting is a reason for most of those who repeat a year though the detailed realities are unclear.
〈3〉Repeating a year due to underachievement concentrates on three annuals, and it is exceptional in the graduation annual.
――Answer..obtain..hardly..all..find employment..repeat a year..person..possibility..extremely..high.
The total of those who repeat a year finding employment also has the possibility of going up to about 100,000 people when simply calculating from the response rate of "Ability of the university" investigation (80 percent).

The country is putting out the estimated value about the realities of finding employment on April 1 every year, and it is announced this year the rate of employment 91.8%. However, this estimate was examined for the graduate who requested finding employment.
It doesn't enter the research objective, and, up to now, the number is ungrasp in those who repeat a year.

- 110,000 "Failed student" ..graduate inclusion.. people
About 31,000 people in the investigation of the country have graduated without deciding finding employment.
This time, if about 79,000 of clarified those who repeat a year are matched, unemployed new school graduates become the total calculations to which about 110,000 characters and the amount and the competition prevailing on the employment fronts intensify.

When taking steps to meet the situation, exempt from a part of repeating a year person's school expenses in the university the detailed realities of the finding employment repeating a year are not gripped at the greater part of universities though it goes out. When the number of on the register students exceeds the quota share of the faculty capacity, it has been limited to a part of university that the penalty such as the subsidy cutting is ..the department.. also, and executes the countermeasure.

A private university in Tokyo was on the third this month, and in the held merger seminar, it did not put in the company that requested it in this spring and there was an appearance of ....repeating a year.. Department of Literature.. schoolboy (24) of four years. There is no promise to promise job though the selection of 20 companies has already been received this year. It was dropped to the appliance maker by the final interview in two Hikuma.
「It is severe. Though it went to the last minute ......」The shoulder was dropped solving.

- How recently at the time of shortened Ts = job hunting to call. It ends in the wish enterprise on the job information site because of the selection and the informal decision that becomes full-scale after April 1 the enrollment Shite start and the fourth grader in around October of the grader of generally three.
The student narrows the wish enterprise by attending and OB visiting the briefing of the enterprise the other day.

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Grief for men that it is made eating crack in back ..such small thing.. ...... ..worried ..unpleasant..... However, the voice to appeal for "Man discrimination" felt it keen more than the imagination while advancing coverage.

Case "Finding employment is difficult" a lot of one that was. For the reporter who experienced "Glaciation" that the co-ed's finding employment was difficult, it is ...... that it is a man to the minus though he cannot imagine working.

Mr. Motohisa of Yazu (Japanese syllabary, 43 years old, and be seeking a job) who says, "It is judged the female request when writing tea Kumi and the cleaning in the job offer contents and the personal history makes it not send". It has the qualification of the second bookkeeping class, and it is an old-timer of year of career.. ten administration around accounting. However, it is Iu.  in case of turning by most interviews away at the door
「Eight in ten is said, 'The woman is left in the mind and offering Oka grider'. Writing in memorandum for offering, 'Only woman' : because the breach of law. 」

Ocatatsya of 10 years in SE Reki (Japanese syllabary and 38 years old) is dropped whenever the interview of the employment related to PC is received.

「The woman is requested as talent who serves as the acceptance and miscellaneous duties, etc. concurrently from the specialist of PC. The woman wants externals if certainly sitting on the acceptance. 」Mr. Oca ridicules oneself solving. The paste entrance is being surpassed by the manual labor of the annual income about one million yen now.

It is Daisuke Saho (Japanese syllabary and 32 years old) in the enterprise of 20 or more to be refused in case of "Needing it is a woman". The request occupational category is a trade and work related to English.

「I have as many as the second STEP class by using English routinely. There is making a passage Reki of 15 countries or more, and it is ..aptitude.. certain. 」

Symptom Hanai and Iu of the amelioration though the guidance requisition sheets are sent to the evenness room of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare labor bureau etc.As Mr. Saho trembling with disappointment and anger「The sexuality is not changed though the deficiency in performance can be supplemented with the effort. This is a kind of apartheid. 」It solved and it vomited and it threw it away.


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It has been understood to be estimated that "Stay indoors" of the young person who shuts oneself up in one's house and one's own room and doesn't go out goes up to 700,000 people in the whole country from the consequence of the first nationwide in-situ survey that Cabinet Office announced on the 23rd.
It is estimated that "Withdrawal harmony group" with the possibility of becoming staying indoors in the future is 1.55 million people, and analyzes, "There is a possibility of increasing in addition in the future".

The investigation was done for 5000 men and women of 15-39 years in the whole country on 18th - 28th in February, and obtained the answer from 3287 people (65・7%).
"Go out only at business concerning my hobby though it is usually in the house" and "Go out to the neighborhood convenience store etc. though it is usually in the house. "  The staying indoors group and the definition of the person to whom "Do not go out of the house though it goes out of one's own room" and "Hardly go out of one's own room" states continue for six months or more.

"It shut oneself up in one's person and one's own room and feelings of the people who did not go out were understood" and "I want also to shut oneself up in one's house and one's own room occasionally. "  Were all of the four items "Came not to want to go out when there was an unpleasant event" and "It is thought that it was not able to be helped to shut oneself up in one's house and one's own room if there was a reason" answered, "It is"?, the third item eyes were classified and the person who had answered "It was" and his monomial eyes, "If anything, it is" was classified with the staying indoors harmony group.

As a result, it estimated from 4.0%1.8% and the harmony groups of the valid response, and 38.8 million 700,000 people in the population estimate of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications in 2009 like 1.55 million people as for the harmony group 15-39-years old population in the staying indoors group as for the staying indoors group.

The man accounted for the staying indoors group and one's thirties accounted for 66% and a lot of 46% in each age. On the other hand, the woman accounted for 63%, and harmony group's proportion in one's teens was high with 31%.

"It was not possible to become familiar with the office" and "Morbus" continued the chance to have become staying indoors and "Job hunting did not go well" continued both a lot by 20% by 24%.

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When the number of young women who want to become full-time housewifes has increased, it is Iu. Might why though it thought the sense of value "For a man, work, and the woman is home" to have already become it in the past. It searched for the backdrop.

「I want to get into a good company, and to find a good husband. There is no what wants to do especially though there is confidence to work. It becomes a full-time housewife from it and I want to spend it unrestrictedly comfortably. 」
It is the second Ochanomizu University grader that speaks so (20). The conception cannot be understood though it is requested to keep working "The husband doesn't want to be seemed, 'Support it'. " , "It is equal with the husband", etc. ..of the friend of the university.. and after it marries.
When "Good husband" is a man who has the economic force that the family can do life with room even if it works for the blue chip company, and it doesn't work, it is Iu.

Mother (54) of the full-time housewife who is the teacher of sewing until marrying : , saying that "Age when the woman also works".
Recommendation of civil servant to daughter, and full-time housewife wish also of elder sister (22) in industrial Oo. Mother inclines her head , saying that "Did it make a mistake in how to raise it?".

National Institute of Population and Social Security Research became and the proportion of who thought, "The wife had to work outside by the husband, and to concentrate on the housewife industry" became 45% that was 3.9 points higher last time (03 years) in "The 4th nationwide home trend examination" (implementation in July, '08) intended for.
After the start of the investigation of 93 years, it changed to an increase for the first time.

It reached high 47.9% by an increase of 29 years old or less by as many as 12.2 points from last time especially remarkably.
One's fifties and one's sixties do not change and have decreased though increase 30 and in one's forties.
The extension of depression and "Gap" is and there is an indication as the factor, too. The finding employment marketplace changed radically from the seller's market to "Glaciation" taking the opportunity of the simultaneous slowdown of the world economy because of the Riemann shock of the autumn of 08 years.

When it was a school child, Mr. Satomi (21) of Ishii of year of four of Sophia University lived abroad. The university is converted into the full-time housewife wish afterwards though it determined to become the tour conductor and the simultaneous interpreter until two years. Then, the chance is not in the appearance that mother of the friend who is the full-time housewife gracefully enjoys the art of the hobby however with the yearning calositas that much. The informal decision still : though it took an examination of 20 companies or more such as the travel, the hotel, and Airlines since October last year.
80 percent of the friend also decides the place of employment, and has the desire, "I become a housewife and want to run away from this situation".

Mr. exhibition who has the book such as "Downstream society" (Kobunsha) in the marketing analyst three bays says, "Of" become strong of the full-time housewife intention. The working woman increases, the number of women who want to work increases in an unusual age, and the number of women who yearn to the full-time housewife oppositely has increased.

「It becomes "Only the name is a manager" such as taverns, there is not an overtime pay in year of joining a company 2 and 3 even if the woman's working by depression of business can become a regular member, and either the situation that cannot help working until midnight has increased. There is not an expectation that the revenue increases by the annual income 2 million-2.4 million yen either. It is natural feelings that hope for the full-time housewife in such a situation. 」Mr. Miura speaks solving. The number of men decreases. Major marriage clinic "Onet" accounted for the marriage partner for 40.4% by "It wanted you to work full-time", and increased more than the investigation for 99 years by as many as 13 points in the investigation of 09 years of 20 and 1135 single in one's thirties, men. It reaches 80 percent near when "It wants you to work by dispatching" is matched.

How do women catch this gap?The second Japan Women's University grader (20)「The purpose was clear from high school days. Enter the leading university and the blue chip company, and meet a good husband. Therefore, it made an effort by studying for exam, and I will qualify for finding employment in the future. It has held out since early time because of the depression. 」。Careful preparation for clear target sensorium and accomplishment of a goal. ". " exactly.

It is dish classroom "Arlzkittin. " of Tokyo Minatoku Minamiaoyama to visit there. Four men and women 20-in their thirties had received Mr./Ms. Yumico's guidance. Menus of this day of Mr. Mori who presides over French food classroom "Paris 15 district" are 3 goods such as "Spicy summer doria". The woman pours milk into the cream sauce that the man mixed.

Full-time housewife wish of two women. Business employment and Ezoe Tomomi (26) of the web affiliated firm「It is tight to keep holding the chased stress in the figure. When the child is born, I want to resign work. 」It says.  On the other hand, Tstom (35) of the acreage estate company work :. 「It is economically severe though I want you to become a full-time housewife when marrying. When two people can cook, it is convenient also in working in double harness. 」。Man and woman's desire slightly passes each other.

Is the regression to a conservative sense of value "For a man, work, and the woman is home" shown?
Prof. Takashi Shikajima of detailed Jissen Women's University to the problem of woman's way of working denies this perception.
If the trend of making to maintenance cannot be affirmed because of this investigation alone, it is Iu.
"The woman makes to a high academic background, and it is not possible to satisfy it only with the life that supports the husband. "

Most of the woman who hears the story is "I want to open the classroom of the hobby at home" (20 years old and student), and "I want to enjoy the alternating current and sports with the friend. "  ..(22 years old and general trading firm work).. Iu. It connects with the society through the hobby, and the desire that it wants to shine as one woman is strong rather than the wife and mother.
This features are introduced by Annual Report on Health and Welfare of 98 years , saying that "New and full-time housewife intention". However, now since a stable life base is collapsing, the full-time housewife is "Narrow gate. " at that time. Prof. Shikajima specifies the yearning to the full-time housewife, "Tower in the castle in the air".

Mr. Naocorra, writer Yamazaki (31) who has the book such as "This world is not completed in a pair" (Shinchosha) : about woman's in one's twenties sensorium. 「The life might survive and it see it like the battle. It is possible to think of 'I want to become a full-time housewife' like the same conception as 'I want to become a stable civil servant'. 」It says. 

「Because the dream that generation's above woman is connected with the society was shown by there was no friend from whom I want to become a full-time housewife when I am a student. A young generation that it keeps being made hearing a dark story compared with it feels the anxiety at the pension and old age from among the high school student, and is remaining in my and family's narrow worlds. 」
Mr./Ms. Yamazaki says so. "The likeability of the woman who lives goes up to family relation goodness good though it is simple. "

The woman's in one's twenties full-time housewife intention might not suffice somewhere the thing, and see "Depend too much" Tosa food if it sees from "Senior woman" that has worked outside while cutting the road that doesn't include the road open. However, it might be able to be said an utmost aspiration for a young generation who lives in an economic period of low growth.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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