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Average where the number of the foreigner training and apprentice driven in to the homecoming by the depression increases and acceptance group in Niigata Prefecture Nagaokashi "Nagaoka apparel industrial cooperative association" (15 company acquisition of membership) made the accord that compensated for part and the homecoming expense of the salary among training and 135 apprentices.

The Ministry of Justice assumes, "The accord has not been heard".

The accord is a contents of paying compensation and the homecoming charge of 1.38-2.3 months of the salary according to the remainder period when training and the apprentice who works for three years cannot help returning home on the way due to management progression of the disease etc. of the enterprise if usual. The charge makes the fund from the joining enterprise in preparation for the case that cannot be paid by the bankruptcy etc. though the principle enterprise bears responsibility.

The Shimoda Tadayohyou director of this union「A large sum of debt-ridden case of training and the apprentice is also abundant for the visit to Japan. Being relieved is a purpose. 」It speaks.  

The guideline in the country is legal duty Hanai though requests the enterprise to pay the homecoming charge to the apprentice who returns home on the way. Training and 1502 apprentices in total returned home in the whole country according to the Ministry of Justice due to management progression of the disease etc. of the enterprise at the end on October last year - February this year.

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