Man's "Stability intention" becomes strong -. The basis as which the man had chosen the place of employment made "Stability of the company" the highest according to the new employee consciousness investigation that Kioritz General Institute of a Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank think tank (Gifu Prefecture Ogakishi) announced on the third in 31.1% and the pasts of 2.7 preceding fiscal year proportion point increase.

"Category of business and activities" (64・3%) "Atmosphere and image" (45・3%) was followed by multiple answers up to three.
"Holiday and working hours" is also the highest in 21.2% of four point increase in the past.
It was opposite, and "Independent intention" assumed that it wanted to request the place of activity originally was 13.1% of 5.6 point decrease and the minimum in the question of "Position to want to start in the future" in either in the past.

On the other hand, there was in "Position to want to start in the future" the woman by "Specialist intention" and were 58.8%(1.1 point increase) and no preceding fiscal year and no big changes.
Researcher Yutaka Haneda is analyzing, "The woman is not influenced easily in the trend (economic situation) from which "Employment in the person" is originally requested though the stability intention became strong a man in the deteriorating state of the economy".

The investigation is an implementation every year from fiscal year 1996. It did for those who attended a lecture about the new employee training association for the customer enterprise that opened at the March-April, and the answer was obtained from 1391 people this year (valid response rate 97.2%).

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U.S. Major League announced that they came in 17th place by the popularity ranking of university student's "Enterprise that wanted to find employment" on the 28th. It is the first time and Iu that Major League entered within 100th place.
In each major, an education and an economic student were 11th place.

It was only in Major League that entered within 100th place among leagues of U.S. 4 large Prosports.

In the one that the wish enterprise was totaled from December last year to April this year for 60,000 university students where the research company had refrained from the graduation of all Americans, 1st place was Gugl of Internet search engine. In 2nd place, Walt Disney of the entertainment and media and 3rd place are Apple of the computer. Toyota Motor is in 43th place and there is Honda in 68th place.

The executive of Major League is speaking with "A young caster perceives and think the calositas to be a very glad" etc.

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Students from abroad are also stricter in the home country of the difficulty of finding employment.

Fighting hard has been compelled to students from abroad who aim at finding employment in Japan. The countermeasure that supports "Ts (job hunting)" for the international student whom 120,000 people or more a year learn to become Japanese hatred and never to return home is needed. (cape Choucashi)

Woman (24) of the Chinese graduate student of the Akitashi living to aim at finding employment in Japan company appeals, "Life becomes painful fast while looking for a job".

The remittance is not received, the scholarship is received, and school expenses and living expenses that remain because of the part-time job are covered. About 300,000 yen was saved by the winter of last year homecoming Oaki ..China and Jiangsu Province.. in preparation for Ts et al.. However, it was not possible to work part-time with Ts, and life became painful at once.

It attends the merger briefing for students from abroad opened in Tokyo and the Hamamatsu-cho on the eighth this month. It is Iu , saying that "There was no hot hand response" though it stayed at the friend house for one week afterwards, and it turned round the enterprise in Tokyo.

Savings already ..fundus of gallbladder.. have attached. Though dining out is refrained, and saved by cooking for oneself「It was decided that it did not buy it if the Celtis willdenowiana of the favorite dish was not 100 yen or less. The hand expands the Yasui food of the price. 」。Lunch buys, and takes the box lunch discounted super on the day before night.

It is not thought to return to China now. 「Work decreases in the depression, and the finding employment competition is more than Japan. I want to work here to make the best use of the yield studied in the university and the graduate school in Japan. 」It is keen.  

After it had graduated from a private university in Japan in 07, man (31) of the South Korean who lived in the saitama prefecture found employment once in South Korea. Afterwards, the wife would study in the graduate school in Japan, and it began to throw one's feet out in Japan this year. 「Job openings have decreased greatly compared with before. It is not found easily though it wants to decide the employment right now to support the wife and to work. 」It sighs.  

The number of students from abroad who commute to the university, the graduate school, and the junior college, etc. increases every year. Students from abroad on May 1 last year were 123,829 people according to the investigation of the executive agency and the Japanese student support mechanism (Tokyo) that did the scholarship supply etc. , 5331 people increased more than the previous year, and it became the highest ever. China accounts for the coming from country and regional for about 60 percent of the whole when seeing, and it continues with South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Many of international students from Asia hope for finding employment in Japan. Finding employment is decided, and the international students who switched to the working visa are 10,262 people in 2007. The international student who was not able to find employment, and returned home was not a little.

The employment status worsens further due to economic environment progression of the disease. According to the Tokyo foreigner employment service center that hits the employment agency for the foreigner, 54 job offers for newly graduated students from abroad in fiscal year 2009 decrease by 252 compared with the same period of last year at the end on January this year. The job offer at the same center is Kazuo Pyongtaek "The adoption decrease is the overall trend including the big enterprise" and general manager the entire very part at the center small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The government is working out the plan to be going to increase the international student to 300,000 people by 2020 by the purpose of winning top-class personnel and improving the global competitiveness of Japan. Planned stage of essential finding employment countermeasure however such as holding meeting that gathers finding employment fair for international student and affiliates such as universities and enterprisesIt turns to the second mover compared with the employment situation that worsens rapidly.

Mr. Mitsuhiro, that is, editor in chief Asada of free magazine "J―Life" (alk) for the international student「The international student is a treasure of Japan of the future. I want you to value the treatment after it graduates as the target numerical value of finding employment is set if the international student is increased. 」It speaks.