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It has been understood for the consultation concerning the individual labor dispute on civil affairs that Osaka Bureau of Labor accepted in fiscal year 2009 to increase more than the preceding fiscal year by 11.4%, and to have gone up to 22,472 of most in the past.

Both "Encouragement to retire" (2825), "Bully and annoy in the office" (2701), and "Employment stop" (1227) are doubled in the break-down compared with five years ago, it matches, it accounts for about 30 percent of the whole, and this bureau is analyzing, "Iu movement daily life and go out even if it drives it in from the severity of the business environment to the voluntary retirement".

This bureau is pressing the solution by mediation by the dispute coordinating committee besides the trouble on civil affairs of the between labor and management is advised and guided.

It is 184 becoming guidance, advice, and mediation by "Bully and annoy" among these, and that 70 percent is due to the superior.

- When * bad health to which "The atmosphere of the office was harmony" and scissors were thrown out was offered, an unpleasant Mio remark vomited bullying cracking Tsukasa in * and the violent language was vomited by the employer , saying that "Even if you died, it was unrelated" , saying that "I want to come also for me to strike it" when attempting suicide worrying. ――The case with "When encouragement to retire was refused, it was put in a narrow room, and it was compelled, and the retirement was done through necessity , saying that 'Hold it! excluding the rest room and meal'" and it is Iu in case of being.

This bureau assumes, "Does the sensorium of the observance of the prescript 'It is not possible to dismiss it easily' rise to the enterprise, and isn't it reactionary that the attitude and the remark driven in to the voluntary retirement in the office stand out ..that..?"

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