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The Pasona group of the temporary staffing major (Tokyo) started the support business that was able to hold a concert "Concerto" inboard of the Kobe port of pleasure boat for the dispatch enrollment employee who attempted coexisting of work and the music activity. The use fee such as the music machine parts inboard the same is increased and the occasion of the suppression performance is increased to usual half the price.

This group starts "Music Mate" business intended for the artist in 2006. Service that can use the music associated facility modestly-priced is being provided besides it introduces 3-5 and the time reduction dispatch where it can work destinations of the week to the enrollment lingua musician and actors as a contract worker.

The concert is held by the dispatch enrollment employees' reserving the event hall inboard the same, and using the mike and the speaker, etc. by a modestly-priced price. Seats are 30-50 seats, and the price : from 73,500 yen of 30 including the boat fare and the tea set fee. If one of the members is a dispatch enrollment employee of music Mate, it is possible and it Iu when performing in the group.

- Pasona group(2168)

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