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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry starts making the document that brings the half one's life in work of famous CIO and the IT architect together in around the summer of 2009. It is scheduled to distribute it in the symposium etc. as soon as it completes.

The idea to make senior engineer's growth process can actually felt by exchanging the failure story etc. , and to wipe out the anxiety neurosis to IT industry segments that the young man engineer and the student hold.

There was an effect in the improvement of the image of IT industry segments popular when the document of project manager (PM) version was made and distributed in 2008. Then, the object is expanded to CIO and the IT architect, etc.

In the PM version, it also introduces PM that belongs to the information system department of a general enterprise in addition to PM of the IT enterprise.
It was engaged in what project year from joining a company how many, and to what difficulty it faced, and the interest actually felt there brought some so ons together.

For instance, Mr. A who belongs to major IT enterprise shocks in the height of the programming skill of the colleague who joins a company by the new graduate and intends PM (figure). This company..for the first development..order..lingua..project..sub leader..serve as.., institution..for..system development..involve.It is Iu when it is got over, and it grew up technically, mentally, and greatly though faced a technical wall by the large scale project in which it participated in around year of joining a company 20.

"In the basis of the anxiety neurosis in the future that the young man engineer and the student hold, there is incomprehensible of the work contents of IT industry segments. "Assistant manager Toshikazu Okuie of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry service policy section specifies it so. Actually, "U.S.Information Service and IT software" industry was the 24th category of business 0th in the second grade of junior high-school place in the finding introduced by "IT talent white paper 2009" that data processing propulsion mechanism (IPA) had published on May 22, 2009 in "Is the work contents comprehensible?".
Mr. Okuie stresses, "The person can hold out with the career image in the future can".

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans going of figure in the improvement of the image of IT industry segments besides this approach through the activity of the IT personnel training etc. that use a professional community.

Piece of figure * career path model(source: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

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