It was the fourth clarified that the company limited Ga education (Nagoyashi) that managed English conversation school "NOVA" had entered the final adjustment in the direction in which it participated in the management of a private university in the Tokai region through the investment company of head of shareholders.

The idea to change the university name to "NOVA university" in the future is discussed.
If the negotiation with the Watashidai side is settled, it announces in the moon.
The English conversation school is unusual and ..Watashidai.. participating in "Acquisition" Shite management in fact is extremely unusual.

It is necessary to support to the incorporated school who is the establishment mother's body of the university in money, to dispatch the director to board of governors so that the enterprise may put the university in the subsidiary or to establish the incorporated school newly according to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Ga Co. seems to be discussing the new establishment of investment company "Capital of Inayo Partners (ICP)" that is head of shareholders of this company of the incorporated school, and inheriting the university from an existing incorporated school, etc.
The direction that Masaki Inayoshi who serves as the chairman of the Ga Co. and International Comparison Program concurrently enters for incorporated school's board of governors.

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Http:// Ga education

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It became 5.1%, and the ratio of complete unemployment (seasonally adjusted figure) in November was a previous month and the same level according to the labor force survey that Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications had announced on the 28th.
On the other hand, the active opening rate (same as above) in November that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced is serial of the month-on-month 0.01 point advance for 0.57 times and seven months and the amelioration linguas.

The number of completely unemployed in November fell below the year-ago level for six months with 3.18 million of 130,000 this moon proportion person previous year decreases in serial.
The number of employees was 62.52 million of 80,000 person decreases, and it became minus after an interval of three months.

As for the active opening rate, one rayon taffeta Hitoshi how many job offer shows Aruka in the person who goes after a job in the employment agency.
0.94 times Fukui were the highest in each administrative divisions, and 0.33 times Okinawa were minimum.

The (same as above) of ..application.. the number of cases of novel job hunting is 0.2% setback while the number of new job offers (seasonally adjusted figure) in November increases by the month-on-month 1.7%.
As a result, the new employment offer magnification (same as above) that becomes the leading indicator of the employment situation is 0.02 point amelioration lingua from 0.95 times and previous months.

The source
- Labor force survey of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (basic total)(November, 2010) on December 28 from site Http://
- The regular government service industry introduction situation (November, 2010) is of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from site

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The Pasona group of the temporary staffing major (Tokyo) started the support business that was able to hold a concert "Concerto" inboard of the Kobe port of pleasure boat for the dispatch enrollment employee who attempted coexisting of work and the music activity. The use fee such as the music machine parts inboard the same is increased and the occasion of the suppression performance is increased to usual half the price.

This group starts "Music Mate" business intended for the artist in 2006. Service that can use the music associated facility modestly-priced is being provided besides it introduces 3-5 and the time reduction dispatch where it can work destinations of the week to the enrollment lingua musician and actors as a contract worker.

The concert is held by the dispatch enrollment employees' reserving the event hall inboard the same, and using the mike and the speaker, etc. by a modestly-priced price. Seats are 30-50 seats, and the price : from 73,500 yen of 30 including the boat fare and the tea set fee. If one of the members is a dispatch enrollment employee of music Mate, it is possible and it Iu when performing in the group.

- Pasona group(2168)

- Source

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