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Tokyo 6 university finding employment league was held in Tokyo Akihabara on Sunday, December 5.

Joint enterprise briefing Tokyo 6 university finding employment league intended for only student who belongs to physical education association of Tokyo 6 university. It has been held for seven years, and it becomes the 12th times in this time. Sponsoring is an athlete planning Ltd., and the participating companies are 25 famous enterprise of the trading company and finance, medicine manufacture, and the communication, etc. companies. The participation students were about 650 people.

Students who are requesting finding employment to the private business are about 2000 people (The student who requests it as an athlete with the business group doesn't include it) among the third graders that belong to the physical education association of six universities. 1/3 students gathered in the finding employment league on the fifth among these.

When various rallies such as the all-Japan university championships of the American football and cups of the winter of the swim think it was as well as ..earliness.. of Rugby on that day, the number of ..surprise.. can be said that it gathered.

It is a student in the Hosei University Shaolin Temple Kung Fu part that came first to the hall on this day. It has already entered a complete Ts situation, and the student who doesn't exist in the physical education association feels haste and is a participation lingua. 「In the combine briefing that Nabis Riku and My Komi, etc. sponsored, it was not possible to question because there were a lot of numbers of people. I want to hear speaking from the enterprise in detail today. 」。

The student of the Rikkyo St. Paul's University baseball club「In large-scale briefing in which several thousand people participate, the enterprise might not speak the real intention. I think that it can speak deliberately because the enterprise that requests the student of the physical education association has come today. 」It talked about the expectation to the finding employment league.

- It comes for the student to take today.

The enterprise side is expected of meeting the student in the finding employment league.
A certain food maker declares, "Come for the student to take today". It is difficult in the large-scale associated company briefing that the job information company of the major sponsors also for participation Shite only for a lot of numbers of people to exist, and to meet the student who becomes a target. This company was an adoption (Last year's new graduate employments of this company are 20 people) from these three person events last year.

Moreover, the enterprise related to finance :. 「It is aiming at the advertising effect to participate in the briefing that Nabis Riku and My Komi, etc. sponsor. However, today's event participates to employ the student. The yield that corresponds to it can be expected though the exhibition charge is not cheap. 」With Iu.

The assessment to the student of the enterprise of the physical education association is high, and "The half of last year's new graduate employment was a physical education association graduate. " (drug manufacturer) in the hall.   "Because the student of the physical education association was driving it to one, it had confidence" (trading company), "It is assessed to have spent the student life having a goal" (medicine manufacture), and "Leadership is often exerted synchronously" (finance)The voice was asked.

There is more to it though it is natural that the enterprise is expecting it of physical fitness and the energy of the student of the physical education association. The enterprise is expectation , networks and a tela operational experience.

After such dealings find employment, it lives though the connections such as seniors and synchronization and junior are strong in the physical education association. The history of the part also has the part that exceeds 100 years old by foundation in case of the physical education association of six universities. Because the student of the physical education association has networks in a lot of enterprises and groups, it can be made the best use of for the business.


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When Nihonkeizai Shinbun HR investigated recently concerning the job hunting of the university and the graduate student in Tokyo, it was understood that industry segments that did not want to go were "Foodservice" while the first industry segments place where it wanted to go was "Trading company".

1st place of "Industry segments that want to go" is "Trading company" following last year, and the approval rating is 29.2%(29.2% last year). As for 2nd place, "Life insurance and nonlife insurance (20.6%)" came in "Bank (22.2%)" and 3rd place. On the other hand, similar "Foodservice" of industry segments that did not want to go was top last year with 21.3%.

The valuing point when entering it became "Occupation" (proportion 10.1pt decrease of the previous year), "Fringe benefit" (7.6pt decrease), and "Rate of awareness" (7.0pt decrease), and became a consequence that reflected feelings of the student "Margin Hanai who stuck to the occupation and rate of awareness". On the other hand, sensorium Shite or "Internationalism" is 4.9pt advance lingua as for the narrow domestic market.

Moreover, when having searched for Kao the desire very, the student of 64.2% answered the proposal "It should make within three years a newly graduated treatment after college" such as governments, "It thought so, and it wanted you to become it so".
The reason includes "It is possible to concentrate on studies" and "Lead to the equalization of the occasion", etc.
On the other hand, the dissenting student has enumerated the reasons such as "The number of those who depend too much increases" and "Employment doesn't necessarily increase".

Join a company..overseas assignment..how..think..question..terrible..go..go..put together..overseas assignment..positive..posture..show.


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It was the fourth clarified that the company limited Ga education (Nagoyashi) that managed English conversation school "NOVA" had entered the final adjustment in the direction in which it participated in the management of a private university in the Tokai region through the investment company of head of shareholders.

The idea to change the university name to "NOVA university" in the future is discussed.
If the negotiation with the Watashidai side is settled, it announces in the moon.
The English conversation school is unusual and ..Watashidai.. participating in "Acquisition" Shite management in fact is extremely unusual.

It is necessary to support to the incorporated school who is the establishment mother's body of the university in money, to dispatch the director to board of governors so that the enterprise may put the university in the subsidiary or to establish the incorporated school newly according to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Ga Co. seems to be discussing the new establishment of investment company "Capital of Inayo Partners (ICP)" that is head of shareholders of this company of the incorporated school, and inheriting the university from an existing incorporated school, etc.
The direction that Masaki Inayoshi who serves as the chairman of the Ga Co. and International Comparison Program concurrently enters for incorporated school's board of governors.

The source
Http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/atmoney/news/20110105-OYT1T00254.htm Ga education http://www.g-edu.jp/

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It became 5.1%, and the ratio of complete unemployment (seasonally adjusted figure) in November was a previous month and the same level according to the labor force survey that Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications had announced on the 28th.
On the other hand, the active opening rate (same as above) in November that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced is serial of the month-on-month 0.01 point advance for 0.57 times and seven months and the amelioration linguas.

The number of completely unemployed in November fell below the year-ago level for six months with 3.18 million of 130,000 this moon proportion person previous year decreases in serial.
The number of employees was 62.52 million of 80,000 person decreases, and it became minus after an interval of three months.

As for the active opening rate, one rayon taffeta Hitoshi how many job offer shows Aruka in the person who goes after a job in the employment agency.
0.94 times Fukui were the highest in each administrative divisions, and 0.33 times Okinawa were minimum.

The (same as above) of ..application.. the number of cases of novel job hunting is 0.2% setback while the number of new job offers (seasonally adjusted figure) in November increases by the month-on-month 1.7%.
As a result, the new employment offer magnification (same as above) that becomes the leading indicator of the employment situation is 0.02 point amelioration lingua from 0.95 times and previous months.

The source
- Labor force survey of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (basic total)(November, 2010) on December 28 from site http://www.soumu.go.jp/ Http://www.stat.go.jp/data/roudou/sokuhou/tsuki/index.htm
- The regular government service industry introduction situation (November, 2010) is http://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/houdou/2r9852000000ylpg.html of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from site http://www.mhlw.go.jp/

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The finding of the surprise that the more than half of the new employee who won the severe competition had already worked while thinking about the retirement went out at last few years though it was the known street that "Ice age" continued. On earth, what is?

《 Many of new employees who joined a company in fiscal year 2010 will lower motivation to work in half a year of joining a company, and 50% or more works while considering resigning 》.

Unexpected "Sensorium" of the ice age "Winner" was clarified by "Member of society's of joining a company of ten fiscal years consciousness investigations" that the staff education consultant company shake (Tokyo and Meguro) had brought together.

It executes for 155 regular members of year of joining a company first who work for the enterprise of 200 employee dimension people or more, and the answer that motivation to work matched "It is high" and "It is a little high" is 47.8% of the proportion 7.1 point decrease of last year.
The answer of Shite and "The retirement was lucky and the Casearia graveolens was ..head.. lucky" had 51.7% and the majorities.
New employees already begin to consider retiring while passing a difficult college entrance examination.

It is economic journalist who presides over the finding employment countermeasure seminar for the university student Kyoichi Banto to say, "They are 'Blue bird syndrome'".

「The student who puts it in the company of the first choice by a severe competition prevailing on the employment front is very little. The greater part of other new employees always :. 『A suitable office for me is not here. There is a place that suits me more. 』Think..speak with a local accent..always..blue bird..look for..state..therefore..office..painful..straddle..Kika..colleague..competition..pressure..endure..trend..provide.

Actually, Iu in 80 about 400 philtrum people or less (..human affairs.. person in charge .." ..who has made the expression of the will of the retirement or the retirement....) also even in a super-big enterprise that makes inroads into the epistatic in the finding employment ranking every year.
However, the motivation is the one "No post of the request" and "The business norm is severe", and the reason is different from ten years ago. Still, it can be thought a too luxurious reason from student Yasono parents who were not able to find employment anywhere by receiving 100 or more.

There is an indication that "Newly graduated switch off" that drives in the new employee to the retirement elaborate gives impetus to the retirement on the other hand, too.

It is a consultation of Mitsuteru Suda member at N PO corporation labor consultation center (Tokyo) that says, "(last year) The consultation to a newly graduated switching off keeps increasing every month after April by about 10 and the highest pace ever".

「A part of enterprise of a large amount of adoption lingua one of the buyer's market in goodness in the deterioration in earnings ..newly graduated switching off.. is running. It drives it in to the retirement aiming at the new employee who has not come out results in obedience for pressing and annoying excessive affairs. There is a possibility that it leads to the new employee's abnormal retirement intention, too. 」

Is one accident Sa the re-trouble?
In any case, Japan seems to have become seen "Age that did not work easily" unusually in history.

The source

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