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Students from abroad are also stricter in the home country of the difficulty of finding employment.

Fighting hard has been compelled to students from abroad who aim at finding employment in Japan. The countermeasure that supports "Ts (job hunting)" for the international student whom 120,000 people or more a year learn to become Japanese hatred and never to return home is needed. (cape Choucashi)

Woman (24) of the Chinese graduate student of the Akitashi living to aim at finding employment in Japan company appeals, "Life becomes painful fast while looking for a job".

The remittance is not received, the scholarship is received, and school expenses and living expenses that remain because of the part-time job are covered. About 300,000 yen was saved by the winter of last year homecoming Oaki ..China and Jiangsu Province.. in preparation for Ts et al.. However, it was not possible to work part-time with Ts, and life became painful at once.

It attends the merger briefing for students from abroad opened in Tokyo and the Hamamatsu-cho on the eighth this month. It is Iu , saying that "There was no hot hand response" though it stayed at the friend house for one week afterwards, and it turned round the enterprise in Tokyo.

Savings already ..fundus of gallbladder.. have attached. Though dining out is refrained, and saved by cooking for oneself「It was decided that it did not buy it if the Celtis willdenowiana of the favorite dish was not 100 yen or less. The hand expands the Yasui food of the price. 」。Lunch buys, and takes the box lunch discounted super on the day before night.

It is not thought to return to China now. 「Work decreases in the depression, and the finding employment competition is more than Japan. I want to work here to make the best use of the yield studied in the university and the graduate school in Japan. 」It is keen.  

After it had graduated from a private university in Japan in 07, man (31) of the South Korean who lived in the saitama prefecture found employment once in South Korea. Afterwards, the wife would study in the graduate school in Japan, and it began to throw one's feet out in Japan this year. 「Job openings have decreased greatly compared with before. It is not found easily though it wants to decide the employment right now to support the wife and to work. 」It sighs.  

The number of students from abroad who commute to the university, the graduate school, and the junior college, etc. increases every year. Students from abroad on May 1 last year were 123,829 people according to the investigation of the executive agency and the Japanese student support mechanism (Tokyo) that did the scholarship supply etc. , 5331 people increased more than the previous year, and it became the highest ever. China accounts for the coming from country and regional for about 60 percent of the whole when seeing, and it continues with South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Many of international students from Asia hope for finding employment in Japan. Finding employment is decided, and the international students who switched to the working visa are 10,262 people in 2007. The international student who was not able to find employment, and returned home was not a little.

The employment status worsens further due to economic environment progression of the disease. According to the Tokyo foreigner employment service center that hits the employment agency for the foreigner, 54 job offers for newly graduated students from abroad in fiscal year 2009 decrease by 252 compared with the same period of last year at the end on January this year. The job offer at the same center is Kazuo Pyongtaek "The adoption decrease is the overall trend including the big enterprise" and general manager the entire very part at the center small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The government is working out the plan to be going to increase the international student to 300,000 people by 2020 by the purpose of winning top-class personnel and improving the global competitiveness of Japan. Planned stage of essential finding employment countermeasure however such as holding meeting that gathers finding employment fair for international student and affiliates such as universities and enterprisesIt turns to the second mover compared with the employment situation that worsens rapidly.

Mr. Mitsuhiro, that is, editor in chief Asada of free magazine "J―Life" (alk) for the international student「The international student is a treasure of Japan of the future. I want you to value the treatment after it graduates as the target numerical value of finding employment is set if the international student is increased. 」It speaks.  
  The automaker etc. start a large amount of "Dispatch cutting", and the number of foreigners who lose the employment has increased. The many are brazilians, and the client frame is made in the employment agency as every day. The job offer is few while the applicant increases rapidly. ..inside.. Japanese and the foreigner of whom increasing number ..Japanese unemployed.. occur and the case to scramble for work has occurred.
There is no saucer even if the consultation number keeps expanding.

In Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsushi, there is a shop of the major manufacture such as Kanto Auto Works and Yamaha Motor ..Lateolabrax japonicus.. Toyota Motor. It is decided that "Dispatch cutting" of hundreds of person unit is done respectively at year end and new year. The brazilian is working a lot at these shops, and the foreigner who queues up in the consultation is doing the row in employment agency Hamamatsu. 90 percent is brazilian, and there are a Peruvian and Chinese, too. The consultation number in November, 2008 is 742, and it has increased by even 400 or more compared with 07 same month of year. Vocational counseling Director-General in employment agency Hamamatsu speaks so.

 「It increases rapidly though it increases by twice the pace at the previous year from April for every nine months. Hereafter, the client seems to be going to increase more and more because the case to discontinue the agreement within the year has come out. 」

The employment agency provides service of looking for the work suitable for the applicant's request, and installing the commitment of the interview free of charge. However, the problem that it cannot necessarily introduce work even if the job offer decreases recently, and it comes to consult has happened, too.

 「The whole related to the car including the subcontract that makes the bolt and the seat belt becomes not good, and talent of 3-40 percent is cut. There is no saucer though the number of applicants keeps increasing. There are a lot of people who cannot read and write Japanese even if category of business other than manufacture are recommended, the alternative decreases, and the situation becomes severe. 」

Japanese cannot be spoken though it works at Japan for years because of competent even if it doesn't speak the temp agency is often preparing the interpreter. However, the interpreter's there, and being able to attempt communications of the level that is Japanese are assumptions in most of the company that introduces it in the employment agency. Therefore, being able to introduce only work not meeting to the person so much like the cleaning and guard, etc. is a current state. In the monthly salary of the shop related to the car, the cleaning is a point where 200,000 yen is good for 30-about 350,000 yen. Still, there is a person who chooses, too, if the belly is not substituted for the back.

Employment agency Hamamatsu, the Hamamatsu labor standards inspection office, and Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communications and Exchanges set up "Hamamatsu foreigner synthesis consultation corner" on December 5,'08, and respond to not only job hunting but also the consultation on the unpaid problem and the life side of the pay. There is a living in worker who loses the employment and the dwelling house at the same time, too work is not found even if coming to the employment agency, and the case to recommend the inquiry counter of the public assistance has come out, too.
「To return, the Yasui airplane cannot take Brazil. It is not possible to return to the return. 」

A lot of brazilians live in the aichi prefecture with the headquarters and the shop of Toyota Motor. According to the Toyohashishi international exchange section, 375 people decreased the number of brazilians of the city living with 12,564 people in Setokiten compared with February that was this year's peak in October. This division guesses, "It was likely to be transferred to the loss another city of work or to have returned to Brazil though the reason was not certain".

It novel seeks a job, it applies, 228 Caz has come in November, '08, and the number of foreigners has increased to about seven times that of corresponding period of the last year in employment agency Toyohashi. The consultation number is 575, it swells to four times or more at the previous year, and it goes up.

 「The foreigner lives in Toyohashishi for a long time a lot a peripheral enterprise is still a situation of tracing and not applying even the interview recently though is understanding to the foreigner. It doesn't catch up though it looks for the company to which we also accept the foreigner newly because there are a lot of consultation numbers of what. 」

Moreover,「To return to Brazil, the Yasui airplane cannot be taken. It is not possible to return to the return. 」The client is revealed when was. Moreover, it is : by there is a foreigner who loses the place where it lives, and lives with the car, too.

The proportion of the foreigner who occupies it to the overall population is Gunma Prefecture Ouragun Oizumimachi "Top of Japan high" by 16.7%. The foreigner support room is set up in employment agency Ota, and October, '08 is 214 people in the number of cases that came newly to consult. The previous year this moon is 88, and it has increased three times near. A good face seems to have been blocked in the person in charge of this room , saying that "The consultation is busy".

The foreigner lives, and it hears, and the unemployment lingua foreigner has flowed reputation high and by word of mouth in the Yasui-cho , saying that "There is work in case of here". However, it doesn't actually go, and when it is severe as well as another city, finding employment is Iu at once.

 「The Japanese unemployed are competitions with the Japanese only this has increased. It is a current state that the Japanese scrambles for only one person job offer frame to the foreigner. 」
Average where the number of the foreigner training and apprentice driven in to the homecoming by the depression increases and acceptance group in Niigata Prefecture Nagaokashi "Nagaoka apparel industrial cooperative association" (15 company acquisition of membership) made the accord that compensated for part and the homecoming expense of the salary among training and 135 apprentices.

The Ministry of Justice assumes, "The accord has not been heard".

The accord is a contents of paying compensation and the homecoming charge of 1.38-2.3 months of the salary according to the remainder period when training and the apprentice who works for three years cannot help returning home on the way due to management progression of the disease etc. of the enterprise if usual. The charge makes the fund from the joining enterprise in preparation for the case that cannot be paid by the bankruptcy etc. though the principle enterprise bears responsibility.

The Shimoda Tadayohyou director of this union「A large sum of debt-ridden case of training and the apprentice is also abundant for the visit to Japan. Being relieved is a purpose. 」It speaks.  

The guideline in the country is legal duty Hanai though requests the enterprise to pay the homecoming charge to the apprentice who returns home on the way. Training and 1502 apprentices in total returned home in the whole country according to the Ministry of Justice due to management progression of the disease etc. of the enterprise at the end on October last year - February this year.

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It said in March as the recycler who had visited the Osaka prison (Sakai Ward, Sakaishi) seemed to apologize.
"Work to turn to that disappeared. "

The correctional officer of charge「Please understand such a thing remark and our circumstances. Manage a little more ......」It entreated.  
However, the recycler was urged the moderation of affairs having the debt by the depression, and was not able to ask any more.

The provided punishment Tsutomu work orders manufacturing clothes put on, the exclusion of the labour for farming etc. , and about 90 percent of work from the private organization by the criminal law in the convict who receives the prison sentence in the prison according to ..department.. and the Ministry of Justice.

About 2300 convicts in the Osaka prison are doing the assembly of automobile parts, the processing of the iron frame material, and the work of needlework etc.
Last summer was having the material price such as the metals, and had the decomposition of the house electric appliance and the personal computer and work as the work etc. of the sort etc. were refused.

The situation changes completely this year. The order quantity from the trader decreases, and the construction material company of time Shite that grows dark goes bankrupt the work of metalworking in March. 78 company six-order origins that were last April have decreased by the end of March. It asked so that work of 140 may not suffice in April, and the order trader may increase work.

There was work according to this prison if it called the trader by about 93 even years after decay of the bubble boom.
Ten company time work cannot often be taken now. Routine tasks like the production of paper bags that change the work content, break off the bag filling and the paper of small articles, and make it etc. increase, and half of the entire work the vicinity is occupied now.

 「It overworks and it gets work now. By when does this continue ......, too?」(this prison)The anxiety cannot be concealed.

The Fuchu prison (Tokyo Fuchushi) where about 2800 people work, and it is Iu when work of 40 disappears at the end of March, and it makes up by routine tasks.

In the Nagoya prison (aichi prefecture Miyoshicho), "Business of the apoplexy none" in which correctional officers had turned round the company for new work last autumn was started.
It is because the order has decreased with the deterioration in earnings of Toyota. Employment information and the newspaper ad etc. of the employment agency put by about 30 correctional officers and put the business card on reliance in case of turn in the company, and "Only have ..something..".
The correctional officer of charge「Current situation that has not been experienced. A very limit effort. 」It says.  

The person in charge of the Ministry of Justice Correction Bureau worries, "If useful work decreases as profession knowledge like woodwork and the processing, etc. , the job hunting after the source etc. might be affected".
There is a person in charge in a certain prison that tells that it is likely to embarrass it because of another meaning if the work of the prison disappears, too.
「The convict's whispering and selfish action increase by all means if becoming a leave. There should neatly be work by you for the problem of the fight etc. so as not to occur. 」(Ikejiri Kazuo)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry starts making the document that brings the half one's life in work of famous CIO and the IT architect together in around the summer of 2009. It is scheduled to distribute it in the symposium etc. as soon as it completes.

The idea to make senior engineer's growth process can actually felt by exchanging the failure story etc. , and to wipe out the anxiety neurosis to IT industry segments that the young man engineer and the student hold.

There was an effect in the improvement of the image of IT industry segments popular when the document of project manager (PM) version was made and distributed in 2008. Then, the object is expanded to CIO and the IT architect, etc.

In the PM version, it also introduces PM that belongs to the information system department of a general enterprise in addition to PM of the IT enterprise.
It was engaged in what project year from joining a company how many, and to what difficulty it faced, and the interest actually felt there brought some so ons together.

For instance, Mr. A who belongs to major IT enterprise shocks in the height of the programming skill of the colleague who joins a company by the new graduate and intends PM (figure). This company..for the first development..order..lingua..project..sub leader..serve as.., institution..for..system development..involve.It is Iu when it is got over, and it grew up technically, mentally, and greatly though faced a technical wall by the large scale project in which it participated in around year of joining a company 20.

"In the basis of the anxiety neurosis in the future that the young man engineer and the student hold, there is incomprehensible of the work contents of IT industry segments. "Assistant manager Toshikazu Okuie of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry service policy section specifies it so. Actually, "U.S.Information Service and IT software" industry was the 24th category of business 0th in the second grade of junior high-school place in the finding introduced by "IT talent white paper 2009" that data processing propulsion mechanism (IPA) had published on May 22, 2009 in "Is the work contents comprehensible?".
Mr. Okuie stresses, "The person can hold out with the career image in the future can".

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans going of figure in the improvement of the image of IT industry segments besides this approach through the activity of the IT personnel training etc. that use a professional community.

Piece of figure * career path model(source: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

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It was deep Sen in adjacent Guangdong Province, it was in employee's furious opposition in Hong Kong the foreign affiliate shop where the rule that limited the female employee's rest room use twice a day had been introduced, and there was a rare event of withdrawing from the introduction on only one day.

The deep Sen newspaper net told it. It was decided that the rest room use was suddenly limited to "30 day minutes" from 3:00PM to 3:15 until 10:15 at 10:00AM on the seventh this month, and this foreign affiliate shop where precision mechanical equipment was handled locked it at other time though the name of enterprise etc. were not clarified by it.

Female employees in this shop are about 270 people. The employee who was angry, "It was inhumane" protested intensely and boycotted work. The management side is pushed to this female power, and is Iu when it cannot help will withdraw in the rule Osono day and it left.

The settlement of the rare event about which a certain female employee talked to the deep Sen newspaper net reporter (The point is waited).
The manager seems to have thought, the rest room time was "Uselessness in the shop operation" though it was unclear whether there was "Cut" made a pretext for addition for. "Sense of entitlement"'s having risen between workers in China after the contract of employment law was enforced last January seem to be in the backdrop of this riot.

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National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) showed the possibility that there are wearinesses of Pilot in having a public hearing and the backdrop concerning the accident that the Bonvaldia machine crashed into a residential area by U.S. New York Bafaror in February and 50 people died on the 14th.

"Commuted. " according to NTSB ..first officer (24) of the peer.. ..the change of the cargo airplane etc. in Seattle, Washington in the west coast where it lived in staying up all night to the airport from a certain home to Newark, New Jersey in an east coast away by about 3800 kilo with parents... Moreover, the captain.
(47)It is Iu in the airport from home of the Florida tamper at night before ..possession.. accident when having entered. The NTSB side was suggested that it was not possible to live at the pay level of two people near the airport.

In the log of the recovered voice recorder, there was a chat without dealings either with the manoeuvering besides the yawning of two people was asked. The perception of lacking concentration power due to weariness etc. , not noticing the decrease in the operating speed, and having led to the manoeuvering mistake becomes strong.

The public hearing finishes the schedule of three days, and the report is an outlook that is settled in several months.

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"There is no such comfortable work. "The man who resigned the election management commissioner of a certain municipality recently speaks so.
This man served as the election management commissioner for one term four years. In the committee from which two times are scheduled to be opened every month, Iu when canceled if there is no title of the meeting. Only in speaking for about two hours even if going to the public office, the monthly sum compensation was about 300,000 yen then. About 80,000 yen if it converts it into the hourly pay. "Delicious work. " exactly.

Election Administration Committee in administrative divisions manages the election clerical work of the assembly member and the governor of the House of Representatives, the House of Councilors (electoral district), and administrative divisions Congress.
Election Administration Committee in cities, towns, and villages takes charge of the election clerical work of the assembly member and the heads of municipality of cities, towns, and villages Congress. National Election Committee of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (five constant people and ..tenure of office.. three years) is jurisdiction ..the House of Councilors national constituency by the way... It actually makes it to the ruin, and the honorary post, and there are a lot of assembly member OB and a lot of cases where the overlay of retirement pay substitutes seem to be had as for the commissioner.

- The spending is an illegal decree.  the Otsu district court
The major earthquake ran over this administration commissioner in January this year. The Otsu district court because of handing down the sentence of ordering that the monthly sum compensation is not paid it is a litigation that pays the monthly sum compensation that Shiga Prefecture is far apart for the commissioner of the administration committee such as election administration committees from the work realities from which it is assumed it is illegal and is requested the spending prohibition. Ratio legis was described, "The work realities cannot be called a full-time at all ..chief justice.." violation of the gist of the Local Autonomy Law provided the forehead compensation of ..part-time.. day... Whole administrative divisions have introduced the monthly sum compensation into Election Administration Committee about the labor relations board. The ripple has extended to the municipality affiliate as this decree is received and governor Toru Hashishita in Osaka Prefecture directs the review of the monthly sum compensation.
The realities are the indication of the court streets though Shiga Prefecture appealed for the decree as an objection.

The maintenance lingua of the monthly sum compensation in Kitaku and Chuoku in Osakashi where election management commissioner's reelection period came in a lot of municipalities' beginning to have discussed the review in February this year in a dignified manner to say nothing of the review. Osakashi Election Administration Committee describes coverage, "Other municipalities also are still continuing a similar system, and Shiga Prefecture also appeals and the argument that a continuation stripes lingua reviews discussing it from many fields is started because no peremptory decree".

The election management commissioner as the city is arranged because Osakashi is a government-designated major city and the election management commissioner is arranged four people in the each line politics district of 24 such as four people and Kitaku and Miyakojimaku. The election management commissioner becomes 100 people in total only in Osakashi. Moreover, it is a custom in the election management commissioner in Osakashi that the municipal assemblyman who retires serves. Atsushi Kitayama who was the Liberal-Democratic Party municipal assemblyman of the Higashinariku election et al. are present commissioner. In the monthly sum compensation, the chairman is 430,000 yen, and the commissioner is 355,000 yen. There are a lot of affiliates who are looking the overlay of retirement pay though 10,000 yen was reduced from financial difficulty in 2006, too. There is a tendency to which the post such as there is a case alternated on the way in two years because order doesn't turn easily according to the political party in case of one term four years, too has been peculated by the political party, too.

On the other hand, the election management commissioner in each district is elected from not municipal assemblyman OB but the member of the public. However, when it is a municipal assemblyman of the incumbency of each district, it is at Iu that recommends. The person who hangs exactly the assembly member's breath as two incumbency assembly members recommend it in pairs in case of the district of two constant people is chosen. In the monthly sum compensation, the chairman is 156,000 yen, and the commissioner is 136,000 yen.
The problem is a workload though this was reduced 4,000 yen in 06. 30 times and committees have been held 18 times in a lot of districts that are according to the internal document of Osakashi Election Administration Committee in fiscal year 2007 with nationwide local elections by few districts.
However, it has not been held ten times nine times and even once a month by Election Administration Committee in Osakashi in few districts in fiscal year 2008 either.
If the compensation of 140,000-150,000 every month yen can be gotten such working, I am sure to want to do everyone.

If so, it might only have to ask not the member of the public but the attorney though the person in charge of the Election Administration Committee secretariat in a certain district speaks with "Expertise is necessary". The chairman is supposed to be chosen by commissioner's mutual vote, and it seems to be formal. Commissioner OB where Osakashi exists : though it is general that the person with long years of experience becomes it. 「When I was chosen as the commissioner for the first time, one sheet of paper that the public office had already prepared was put when going to the first meeting, and names were written most up only by one person. It has decided actually so though it was not thought that this person must become a chairman. 」The chairman in the public office initiation told speaking the decision.
Moreover, a certain municipal assemblyman OB :. 「When the public office is recommended once, absence says that it will want the same person to make it as much as possible as long as there are no problems of many etc.The doubt is held in this system, and it is because the person who gives it obediently is welcome Arecore is not interfered with. 」It explains. 

- The aggregate amount as much as 30 million yen in ..commissioner.. 20 years
There are surprising realities that prove it. The person who how up to the present time has shortly been serving as the election management commissioner for 20 years is when the committee list of names after 1990 year that Osakashi has reluctantly gotten is seen and there is lying about. In a word, it serves at as many as five serial terms. It is understood that the same character has served as the election management commissioner by paddy-sheaf-racks for ten years or more over a long period of time though it is uneven by the district. The person who had shortly been serving for 20 years obtained compensation near for 30 million yen by the simple calculation in a revision of 92 years and most present and the same levels the monthly sum compensation.
A calculation where one house builts only in the monthly sum compensation, and amazed large amount of money compensation.

Election Administration Committee commissioner OB in a certain district「The full amount doesn't become my revenue. Part was allotted to savings of the year end party and savings of the travel. The year end party seems to continue still recently though the travel was lost. The adjutant general that was the Election Administration Committee secretariat in the district was managing the deposit book. 」It talked.  This savings are necessary, and must ..not only the commissioner but also government official.. year end party ..that.. each other ..Arecore.. is thought, and the person who doesn't recite ..difference.. might be convenient and giving be convenient in the current state for a long term. However, Osakashi Election Administration Committee says, "Because it might be misunderstood by the citizens, it was stopped to manage in the passbook".

Assembly member OB of a certain municipality「I think, "There is no choice even if it is specified as the convenience donation to the sustainer". When the person who turns into the acquiring votes machine when electing it becomes an election management commissioner, such a person doesn't choose because it is not possible to move and he or she embarrasses it. The person etc. of the local union self-governing body with whom here is embarrassed , for instance, the chairman experienced person are chosen when attaching to the other party camp to make giving as the merit award to an elderly person who contributed to his election for years, and the electoral campaign advantageous and it gives it as a public service post. I will use it well. 」It solves and it talks about the real intention.

It keeps staying on over many years because of a delicious post that is not only good of the monthly sum compensation but also only obtains the honor at the same time. When served years become long, the Election Administration Committee commissioner certainly becomes the object such as medals.

The intention of voluntarily changing it though it ..only "Delicious post".. knows the waste of the tax for potentates in the assembly member and local seems not to work. The Election Administration Committee affiliate in Osakashi perceived the intention of "Gane ...... who changed and was coming at time had at time that was coming Gane to You may depend on it" and healthy making government finance, and showed the expression of perplexity for this Freedom of Information Act. I want only this system by any means though it is said that it will take a lot of money to democracy.

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The 1st place war is the one done always reading two hand three minions.
It is different from 2nd place Zac. What is Zac?
It has not ended ..2nd place.. putting out ・・・・・ still yet.
The thing that there is no difference of the performance of a 4th place movable suit in a definite difference of the war potential is taught.
Who am 5th place I thought?
If 6th place is not hit, it is very Hanai.
......... the 7th place soldier Fight as long as one breathes :.
Have 8th place shown or performance Toya of a movable suit of the national armed force et al..
9th place is done. !
Do not think that the 10th place world moves around me.
11th place I ... I : ... Only a blow of this ..12th place to want to defeat to that person.. changes the history.
I will not do the 13th place doing. I will not do doing. So that you may come in.
13th place duty ...... consent.
15th place furnace. Mosquito register mark.
I shall not be a man though 16th place not overwhelming or nor my army ..17th place.. was mortified ...  The 17th place age changed. An old type must disappear.
You are still an immaturity to antagonize 19th place me.
Might I only have to put it in the breakthrough of 20th place enemy's encirclement net?
20th place ..such adult.. is amended.
..the shine.. ..the shout.. that this hand of 20th place me shines and you ..groan.. are defeated.
The sleep 25th place we will not be losing sight of the purpose of the war a little by 2-4th place enemy ..knocking down.. .... early as for the decision etc. of people who sold the soul by 23th place today's convenience tomorrow saying the collapsing one. 25th place that will be demonstrated soon has two characters of the match and, then, teaches it whether you want to know.
It is good though prints out to the power of 25th place Acshiz and the eyes.
25th place Titarnz is power. Is controlled powerful.
..knowing.. , east no defeats of the 29th place defeat still.
29th place I obtained the power of space. Titarnz from which the soul is pulled to gravitation is not worth fear.

It is different from your company. What are your company?

It is a still 'Mobile soldier Gundam' series that names goes up best if it is said the monument of the robot animated cartoon.
Sakunaka..Gundam..including..attractive..movability..suit..unique..person..a lot of.

It is great serif 《 The war is the one done always reading two hand three minions 》 of Shaa Aznabl to win 1st place by a ranking this time when a great serif of Gundam that floats on the head, and pops out of one's mouth was heard to pile up feelings while working.
Gtsu and feelings seem to rise when using it when it attends the competition with the competitor.

In a similar situation, 《 The thing that there is no difference of the performance of a movable suit in a definite difference of the war potential is taught 》 is so the goodness.
When winning a splendid competition《It is different from Zac. What is Zac?》It solves and the victory declaration is done.
It is defeated at the competition and the mind seems to break, and I am encouraged by It has not ended yet 》 ..putting out ...... still.. and the rechallenge ........ when becoming it...

When it is said by the superior and the senior, "This work, and whether the difficulty is sleep ...... in you" etc.
Think..damn it..)
I will stop it in the extent muttered after it returns to my seat Cossori.

Source: Goo ranking
Work to do the interpreter and the sightseeing guide by the foreign language to the foreign traveler is an interpreter guide person.
Not only the tour guide but also the occasion that serves as the guide in the business like the field trip and the enterprise visit, etc. has increased recently, and the region of activity has extended.

Not only the language study but also wide knowledge like the history, the geography, economy, politics, and the culture etc. of Japan is requested by the interpreter guide person. Work Tomoi food kipper to play role of diplomat private so that foreigner may learn Japan better.

The government that hangs to the key policy out "Sightseeing founding a state" is a deployment as for campaign "Visit Japan campaign" to increase the number of foreign tourists. There is this, too and the number of examinees to national examinations to acquire a title high has increased like the diagramatic chart as for the concern for the interpreter guide person year after year.
However, be of making a living only as the tour guide severely in not only colorful respect but also the reality like only handful. 「The person named less than one million yen of the annual income only of the guide is not unusual either. Living while working part-time is the realities. 」(travel industry segments affiliate)Good kipper.  solving

It comes here and the problem is caused, too. An unqualified guide has increased as the number of visit to Japan tourists increases.
It is general in the tour from the foreign country that centers on Asia that the tour conductor from the locale is serving as the travel guide though the amercement of 500,000 yen or less is imposed when it violates interpreter guide Shihou. The majority of such a tour conductor guide are thought to be an unqualified person.

All-Japan interpreter guide person league (JFG) that makes it from interpreter guide person's good and lawful men : about such a current state. 「If it cannot correctly know Japan no matter how the number of visit to Japan tourists increases, in violation of the national interest of Japan. It is necessary to manage an unqualified guide neatly. 」(director Michiko of Yoshimoto person)It speaks.  


 - Do to become it?
It is necessary to pass national examination "Interpreter guide person examination" that the secretary of the sightseeing agency executes to become an interpreter guide person.
After it passes, work can be started to each administrative divisions as an interpreter Shite of enrollment guide person.
Everyone can take an examination regardless of the age, the sexuality, the academic background or the nationality.

The examination consists of the examination of the 2 secondary of the viva voce examination with the examination at the 1 primary of the written examination.
The subject of the 1 primary examination is common sense concerning the foreign language 1 languages(Britain and selection from among 10 languages that France, Spain, Germany, China, Italy, Portugal, dews, Korean, and is Thai) and a Japanese geography, a Japanese history, and the industry, economy, politics, and the culture.

Good and lawful men of the first STEP class and the first history of Japan class etc. of the history performance test get a pertinent subject of the 1 primary examination exempted.
12,190 people are registering according to the sightseeing agency now.

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