The finding of the surprise that the more than half of the new employee who won the severe competition had already worked while thinking about the retirement went out at last few years though it was the known street that "Ice age" continued. On earth, what is?

《 Many of new employees who joined a company in fiscal year 2010 will lower motivation to work in half a year of joining a company, and 50% or more works while considering resigning 》.

Unexpected "Sensorium" of the ice age "Winner" was clarified by "Member of society's of joining a company of ten fiscal years consciousness investigations" that the staff education consultant company shake (Tokyo and Meguro) had brought together.

It executes for 155 regular members of year of joining a company first who work for the enterprise of 200 employee dimension people or more, and the answer that motivation to work matched "It is high" and "It is a little high" is 47.8% of the proportion 7.1 point decrease of last year.
The answer of Shite and "The retirement was lucky and the Casearia graveolens was ..head.. lucky" had 51.7% and the majorities.
New employees already begin to consider retiring while passing a difficult college entrance examination.

It is economic journalist who presides over the finding employment countermeasure seminar for the university student Kyoichi Banto to say, "They are 'Blue bird syndrome'".

「The student who puts it in the company of the first choice by a severe competition prevailing on the employment front is very little. The greater part of other new employees always :. 『A suitable office for me is not here. There is a place that suits me more. 』Think..speak with a local bird..look

Actually, Iu in 80 about 400 philtrum people or less (..human affairs.. person in charge .." ..who has made the expression of the will of the retirement or the retirement....) also even in a super-big enterprise that makes inroads into the epistatic in the finding employment ranking every year.
However, the motivation is the one "No post of the request" and "The business norm is severe", and the reason is different from ten years ago. Still, it can be thought a too luxurious reason from student Yasono parents who were not able to find employment anywhere by receiving 100 or more.

There is an indication that "Newly graduated switch off" that drives in the new employee to the retirement elaborate gives impetus to the retirement on the other hand, too.

It is a consultation of Mitsuteru Suda member at N PO corporation labor consultation center (Tokyo) that says, "(last year) The consultation to a newly graduated switching off keeps increasing every month after April by about 10 and the highest pace ever".

「A part of enterprise of a large amount of adoption lingua one of the buyer's market in goodness in the deterioration in earnings ..newly graduated switching off.. is running. It drives it in to the retirement aiming at the new employee who has not come out results in obedience for pressing and annoying excessive affairs. There is a possibility that it leads to the new employee's abnormal retirement intention, too. 」

Is one accident Sa the re-trouble?
In any case, Japan seems to have become seen "Age that did not work easily" unusually in history.

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Man's "Stability intention" becomes strong -. The basis as which the man had chosen the place of employment made "Stability of the company" the highest according to the new employee consciousness investigation that Kioritz General Institute of a Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank think tank (Gifu Prefecture Ogakishi) announced on the third in 31.1% and the pasts of 2.7 preceding fiscal year proportion point increase.

"Category of business and activities" (64・3%) "Atmosphere and image" (45・3%) was followed by multiple answers up to three.
"Holiday and working hours" is also the highest in 21.2% of four point increase in the past.
It was opposite, and "Independent intention" assumed that it wanted to request the place of activity originally was 13.1% of 5.6 point decrease and the minimum in the question of "Position to want to start in the future" in either in the past.

On the other hand, there was in "Position to want to start in the future" the woman by "Specialist intention" and were 58.8%(1.1 point increase) and no preceding fiscal year and no big changes.
Researcher Yutaka Haneda is analyzing, "The woman is not influenced easily in the trend (economic situation) from which "Employment in the person" is originally requested though the stability intention became strong a man in the deteriorating state of the economy".

The investigation is an implementation every year from fiscal year 1996. It did for those who attended a lecture about the new employee training association for the customer enterprise that opened at the March-April, and the answer was obtained from 1391 people this year (valid response rate 97.2%).

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U.S. Major League announced that they came in 17th place by the popularity ranking of university student's "Enterprise that wanted to find employment" on the 28th. It is the first time and Iu that Major League entered within 100th place.
In each major, an education and an economic student were 11th place.

It was only in Major League that entered within 100th place among leagues of U.S. 4 large Prosports.

In the one that the wish enterprise was totaled from December last year to April this year for 60,000 university students where the research company had refrained from the graduation of all Americans, 1st place was Gugl of Internet search engine. In 2nd place, Walt Disney of the entertainment and media and 3rd place are Apple of the computer. Toyota Motor is in 43th place and there is Honda in 68th place.

The executive of Major League is speaking with "A young caster perceives and think the calositas to be a very glad" etc.

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