October 2009アーカイブ

e and Industry brought together on the tenth (at the time of, July 1), as for the proportion of the enterprise that answers 2010 Toshiharu, "New graduate's adoption is not scheduled", the number of twelve-point head has increased by 37% compared with the previous year investigation.
Progression of the disease of the hiring situation is 2 years in a row. The enterprise that answers that the adoption is scheduled is 50.3% of 16 point decrease, and 12.7% is assumed to be undecided.

The enterprise that answers as decreasing while the enterprise that answers as increasing more than 09 Toshiharu among enterprises that the adoption is scheduled was 16.3% is 33.7%. Totals of the number of adoption schedules of 136 companies answered the previous year investigation were 2203 of 22.7% decreases.

Especially, there are passive a lot of enterprises to adoptions other than the university graduate. When the acquisition plan according to the academic background and the occupational category is seen, graduate of a high school and the non-manual are 58.9% decreases. The junior college graduate and non-manual greatly drop as 59.9%. University graduate's technical increases by 7.4%.


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