Toyota Motor clarified that about 500 people had been reduced from about 2300 of the ends of last year to July about the employment lingua period employee in expectation of the enlargement of the numbers of sales that centered on the young country marketplace on the ninth. The eco-friendly car subsidy system ends with appointment as the regular member at the end of September, and it is thought the countermeasure because of the expectation of the sales decrease.

It ..influence.. seems it.  to the trend of the other companies ..the expansion of period employee's employment again against the background of the increasing demand each car company since the autumn of last year.. ..the cutback on hiring of Toyota..

It is 11,600 on June, 2005 that the working force of the period of Toyota was most.
However, there is details to which the contract renewal is not done to the disruption lingua and others and the expiration of a period person, and a novel offering was narrowed up to 1100 people by the business slump in September, '21 in June, '20.

Afterwards, sales recovered by the economic measures effect of a domestic and foreign eco-friendly car subsidy etc. , and period employee's recruiting was restarted last October. The eco-friendly car subsidy that supported sales below was invalidly judged to be "After October, diminish demand" though it increased up to 2300 people in December of the same year.

The personnel reduction of an implementation drastic lingua has bathed in the criticism in the past, it is supposed to narrow in stages like 1900 people to June this year and 1800 people to July, and there is an indication, "Be approaching at 1100 of the ends on September last year that was the fewest" in the motor-dom, too.

Toyota has already decided the policy of decreasing the number of production of the per diem in October more than now by about 20%. About employee's of the period of the future employment「The outlook of sales after October doesn't look up. It carefully discusses it while seeing the trend of production. 」(executive of this company)It makes it. 

Employee's of the period of Toyota contract term is the longest and 11 months of two years. As a rule, it has not discontinued it during the contract term.

- Toyota Motor (7203) Http://www.toyota.co.jp/

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The number of high school students who work part-time in the Hakuishi internal watermelon field has decreased every year.
It works, that the number of students decreased, is hot, and heavy because of being kept at a distance, it replaces the high school student, the difficulty of finding employment is reflected according to the falling birthrate, and employment agency and temporary staffing agency's expert lingua member of society is working hard at the harvesting operation ..under hot weather...

High school students are three people this year though ten years ago is 20 philtrums of the part-time job, high school students are 15-16 people, and university students were 4-5 people in the watermelon field of Mr. (69) Ba Hoshi of Ao watermelon (Is it Sui?) productive society belonging, and the man 30-in his forties dispatched by a private temporary staffing agency is working as for 17 remainder people.

Tetsuro farmer Nogawa (63) in the same city Takidani-cho assumes that the number of high school students decreased remarkably for 7 or 8 years. 「Need not a recent child do the pocket money work?Painful work seems not to want to do parents. 」It guesses. 

The number of attendees has decreased to Hakui with the tradition that works part-time by each part such as judoes and baskets every year.
The Catsrageyou Sakaguchi teacher of the advisor of the track & field team「When it becomes the second grader even if it puts it at the first grader, I do not want to harvest the watermelon. The student looks for the part-time job in the place where the air conditioner works for myself. 」It speaks. 

It is a private temporary staffing agency and employment agency Hakui that the farmer counts on instead of the high school student.
Three farmers have put out the job offer to employment agency Hakui now. However, the member of society who can endure work to overwork the body loading into the selection and the track in the pickup point while it is hot also has the example of the few resignations in a day and examples of the opposite resignation.


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The case where the trainee and the apprentice who was working by the foreigner training system died increased rapidly, and it was found to have gone up to the highest 34 people (13 proportion Ma fiscal year 2007) in the investigation of foundation and Japan international training cooperation organization (JITCO) in fiscal year 2008.
Especially, the encephalon and the heart disorder to which the long workhour was assumed to be a cause became 2.5 times or more compared with six of fiscal year 2007s every 16 people.
The foreigner trainee problem attorney report association requested investigations of the realities of the long workhour and the recipience situation etc. of the workers' accident from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as "There is a doubt of death from overwork, too" on the 22nd.

JITCO that promoted the foreigner training system brought the report from the acceptance enterprise together. The death toll exceeded 20 for the first time in fiscal year 2004. The encephalon and the heart disorder such as acute myocardial infarctions (infarction) and the subarachnoidal hemorrhages occupied 16 people among 34 deceased persons in fiscal year 2008. Workers' accidents of the on working are five people, and the suicide is one person. The encephalon and the heart disorder go up to 67 people in the dead by the investigation for 92 years by 213 aggregate people among these.

In the consultation drawn to the foreigner trainee problem attorney report association, when overtime duties of 100-200 hours a month are often done, it is Iu. Attorney Shoichi Ibusuki : overtime duties of 100 hours a month in the line to which the hazard of death from overwork is specified. 「The brunt of the crushing labor comes to training and the apprentice in the background of the deterioration in the economy. Is not the case that is good at the application for workers' accidents compensation neither many of encephalons nor the heart disorders though there is a doubt of death from overwork and is?」It analyzes it. 

It works at the scrap shop in Tokyo, and overtime duties of 100 hours or more are done month though apprentice and Chouta Teru (35) in China that visited Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with attorneys visited Japan by training the welding. Mr. even number spoke, "The soreness felt the crisis of the feeling life in the back and the heart". Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is Iu when having stayed in the answer to the report association, "Workers' accident prevention Equus kiang N is done with the pamphlet etc.".

JITCO is spoken, "The deceased person spurt wants to harden the workers' accident prevention such as seminars based on the consequence by an extremely regrettable situation".

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