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The seminar for students from abroad who hope for finding employment in Japan company is held in the Waseda University graduate school (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo) on the night of the tenth. The international student who might be inexperienced the international student, and finds employment in the job hunting of Japan in Japan-domestic is 20 percent or less of the whole. However, the necessity for employing an excellent international student has risen for Japan company that strengthens the movement of the advance to overseas. In the seminar that consulting firm "Waseda business Partners" (the same district) planned, the enterprise and international student's alternating current association besides the enterprise introduction for the international student also are scheduling it. The inquiry : to this company (E-mail: info@wbps.jp).

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Tokyo 6 university finding employment league was held in Tokyo Akihabara on Sunday, December 5.

Joint enterprise briefing Tokyo 6 university finding employment league intended for only student who belongs to physical education association of Tokyo 6 university. It has been held for seven years, and it becomes the 12th times in this time. Sponsoring is an athlete planning Ltd., and the participating companies are 25 famous enterprise of the trading company and finance, medicine manufacture, and the communication, etc. companies. The participation students were about 650 people.

Students who are requesting finding employment to the private business are about 2000 people (The student who requests it as an athlete with the business group doesn't include it) among the third graders that belong to the physical education association of six universities. 1/3 students gathered in the finding employment league on the fifth among these.

When various rallies such as the all-Japan university championships of the American football and cups of the winter of the swim think it was as well as ..earliness.. of Rugby on that day, the number of ..surprise.. can be said that it gathered.

It is a student in the Hosei University Shaolin Temple Kung Fu part that came first to the hall on this day. It has already entered a complete Ts situation, and the student who doesn't exist in the physical education association feels haste and is a participation lingua. 「In the combine briefing that Nabis Riku and My Komi, etc. sponsored, it was not possible to question because there were a lot of numbers of people. I want to hear speaking from the enterprise in detail today. 」。

The student of the Rikkyo St. Paul's University baseball club「In large-scale briefing in which several thousand people participate, the enterprise might not speak the real intention. I think that it can speak deliberately because the enterprise that requests the student of the physical education association has come today. 」It talked about the expectation to the finding employment league.

- It comes for the student to take today.

The enterprise side is expected of meeting the student in the finding employment league.
A certain food maker declares, "Come for the student to take today". It is difficult in the large-scale associated company briefing that the job information company of the major sponsors also for participation Shite only for a lot of numbers of people to exist, and to meet the student who becomes a target. This company was an adoption (Last year's new graduate employments of this company are 20 people) from these three person events last year.

Moreover, the enterprise related to finance :. 「It is aiming at the advertising effect to participate in the briefing that Nabis Riku and My Komi, etc. sponsor. However, today's event participates to employ the student. The yield that corresponds to it can be expected though the exhibition charge is not cheap. 」With Iu.

The assessment to the student of the enterprise of the physical education association is high, and "The half of last year's new graduate employment was a physical education association graduate. " (drug manufacturer) in the hall.   "Because the student of the physical education association was driving it to one, it had confidence" (trading company), "It is assessed to have spent the student life having a goal" (medicine manufacture), and "Leadership is often exerted synchronously" (finance)The voice was asked.

There is more to it though it is natural that the enterprise is expecting it of physical fitness and the energy of the student of the physical education association. The enterprise is expectation , networks and a tela operational experience.

After such dealings find employment, it lives though the connections such as seniors and synchronization and junior are strong in the physical education association. The history of the part also has the part that exceeds 100 years old by foundation in case of the physical education association of six universities. Because the student of the physical education association has networks in a lot of enterprises and groups, it can be made the best use of for the business.


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The approach of putting on the office in the prefecture making man and woman's mannequin imagining the portrait of the resident who sent the complaint and the comment by telephone in Kyoto Prefecture, and working with the feeling tense started.

This approach is the one that Kyoto Prefecture started the method "Persona" to achieve the improvement of service by giving the efficiency of work due to feeling tense that it is always being watched by someone, and imaging the user concretely being taken.

In Office of Public Affairs in Kyoto Prefectural Office, it put together and five appeared in the mannequin of the man and woman of the upper-body last month. The staff of Office of Public Affairs made and what person made a lot of Kao analysis Shite for the resident who sent the complaint and the comment to the prefecture by telephone.

The name is named to the mannequin respectively, and there are Mr. "Fcmasaosam" etc. who assume the graduate student of 24 years who Mr. "Tomoko Hitomi" who assumes the woman of 32 years who is bringing up a child and is looking for a job. Moreover, there is a mannequin of the name of Mr. "Naniwa Yayoshico" who assumes the woman of 66 years who visits sightseeing from Osaka and sends the complaint, too and the work of the staff of Office of Public Affairs is gazed every day.

Man's staff was speaking, "It was thought that it was likely to think very, and came to come out actively if it was Yoshiko of the mannequin when talking all the opinion".

It is assumed that Office of Public Affairs wants to increase the number of mannequins in addition by the staff's bringing together everything and having made the mannequin and the dress in the future.

- Profile (under) that persona (on) set up in Office of Public Affairs and staff assumed Http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/news/koho/1281574561291.   JPG http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/news/koho/1281574561727.JPG

- Image(There is a moving image in the source article. )

- Kyoto Prefecture--..Office of Public Affairs.. .."Persona".. ..showing...

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