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Osaka Prefecture Kadomashi in which headquarters of Panasonic is located. Ogawa Saya (49) frequents the public labor exchange in three times a week and same cities by bicycle. It is because the job-hunting is continued to cover son's school expenses and living expenses at a university final fiscal year.

Ogawa says, "Anything is good if there is work because of being such a situation already". The electronic circuit board had been assembled in Kadomashi in Osakashi suburbs that prospered by manufacture before. One year in the public labor exchange from enrollment Shite last month. 「It is too long from unemployment Shite. It becomes a nature that some human natures are denied. 」It speaks. 

Wife and daughter's revenues are reliances to Ogawa and the son. The reversal of such a social standpoint is extending in Japan. The purpose is for the shop and the construction company to dismiss the number of men, and for the service industry at the female center to have expanded the adoption. Average wage of the work newly created are difficult and it is further difficult to stimulate consumption for the deflation getting rid of the low straightening and Prime Minister Yoshihiko of Noda. ..volition of giving birth to a child...  marry early by the woman because the burden as the backbone of the family has increasedThe advanced age is already advanced by the fastest pace in developed countries in Japan.

The Nagahama Kihiroshi head economist of Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Economic Institute「The possibility that the work of construction increases by the overseas relocation acceleration and the population decrease of the enterprise lowers, and such an industry cannot absorb the male worker as before. As a result, the nominal wage keeps falling, and, for the present, the movement of this 'Man session (man depression)' doesn't seem to be going to end. 」The perception was shown.

- The conversion to the service industry.

The conversion of the service industry from "One-making" that the country assumes to be a boast from which it centers on nursing intended for 29 million senior citizens of 64 years or more is advanced to the Japanese economy. Manufacture and the general contractor to which the man occupies seven ten philtrum people are outlooks according to the work laboratory of the talent service firm (Recruit) from which the employment of four million people every these ten years is lost. Employment in the medical treatment field where the woman accounts for 74% will expand in the past three years according to the data of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by the fastest pace in 16% increase and the overall industry.

The change that yen changes in the vicinity of the highest value after the war in the inside and this industrial structure has accelerated. Profits of exporters such as Panasonic and SONY blow off by the strong yen, and it is extra time Hanai who softens the change to the government. Panasonic will expect the damage of the the greatest in the past ten years at current year, and SONY expects 90 billion yen the damage. Last year's stock price of both companies is 45%, and 53% downfalls respectively. The message of the medical treatment and the nursing field major and stock prices of Nichii Gakkan record the advance of 2.3% and each 25% for this.


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