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The shop of the massage of China has opened a store one after another in "New Shinbashi Bilding" of the outside wall of the lattice in front of JR Shinbashi Station in Tokyo. Sana shell "Chinatown of the massage. "However, the guest's calling in competition is also intense, the complaint comes one after another from a peripheral eating house etc. , and it gropes for the rule-making that can consent mutually in this building.

7 PM. Women of a Chinese becoming duller call, "..elder brother.. very?" when going up to the second floor of this building one after another

In the shop that had hung out the signboard of "5,000 yen for 60 minutes", four beds had been partitioned with the curtain in the room of about ten tsubos. It was said, "The neck was a stiff", and a woman in her twenties began to massage it. From Changchun in Chinese northeast partIt works from 10 AM to 11 PM of in the week the 6th, and the half of my sales is salaries and Iu.

The number of massage shops having increased : for ten years. The companion in the same village is a practice before one after another when the shop that Chinese opened succeeds though only several shops. A Chinese number has increased up to 23 shops now.

In the backdrop, about 40 years pass from the Bilding practice, and there are an advanced age and a difficulty of finding successors of the owner who owns each shop in the lotting out. Even if the owner wants to lend it, the majority are Chinese and Iu the rent of about 300,000 yen is paid by the depression month according to this building internal acreage estate company.

Mr. (53) who manages the one person and two shops such as "Dou" speaks, "Should it concentrate so that it may enjoy himself over various dishes in the Chinatown in Yokohama and a store be opened". A Japanese husband and it comes to Japan 16 years ago. The relocation lingua by mistake of the practice lingua as the downtown of Yokohama and the sex club might , saying that "It is possible to be relieved in case of Bilding around the station".

The problem is "Call in excessive. "Mr. Kunichi Henmi (68) who manages the tailoring firm is "The shopper is embarrassed because there is a woman who touts in the other banks, too. " for years. A certain main eating house「The guest who stood in the public latrine has been called in. It is necessary to prohibit touting. 」It appeals. 

There was no breach of Tokyo ordinance against disturbing the peace that prohibited a forcible tout last May though inspected on the spot by the Atago station etc.The same police station is Iu , saying that "The crackdown is difficult as long as there is no action such as pulls of the arm".

On the other hand, Chinese manager (50) is embarrassing , saying that "It is natural to call the guest by business in China".

Mr. Taketsugi, chairman Nagao (76) of the shop federation of this building : about the aspect of "Cultural clash" in daytime. 「The rub cannot be helped to happen by the difference etc. of the culture. It wants to deepen the discussion, and to make the rule to which all shops can consent. 」It speaks. 

【 new Shinbashi Bilding ]
Multi-tenant building built in front of Shinbashi Station with black market of Japanese maximum scale after the war. The practice in 1971.
At that time, the bar and the eating house, etc. where eaves had been placed in a line to the site in the black market moved. About 300 shops such as the eating house, the clothing shops, and the ticket shops queue up from the fourth floor on the first floor in the underground by 11 stories on the ground.

- It stands in front of JR Shinbashi Station. "New Shinbashi Bilding"

- Http://www.asahicom.jp/national/update/0325/images/TKY201003250549.jpg that lines up signboard of massage shop in a row in the second floor passage of "New Shinbashi Bilding"

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