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The character increases and the number of selfish, young employees has increased also in the office along with making of the contemporary community immature because of the immaturity. When they make the seat removing and the feast manager etc. of enjoying seeing cherry blossom, they are "Employee Dekil. "However, it will not go to the office from the next day, and kindly guidance is started to say at times when scolding very weakly, and strongly when it encounters the scene to which the stress hangs once, "Power harassment". Recently, it often hears of Gti of the brandished executive job such "Selfishness of the company".

【Let's affirm it by "Check list" ]

If the third item eyes of the following check lists fall under it, it has the possibility of "Selfishness".

- "Selfishness of company" Check list

1.It is thought, "Work doesn't go well because the guidance of the superior and the senior is bad, and I am holding out enough".

2.「The ambition doesn't occur because no ..work of this post.. hoof of it toward me.
 ・* It is possible to do well surely in case of the section. 」It solves and it leaks it to surroundings.

3.The contents completely has the knowledge by neither primitiveness nor the person in question and overflows in confidence though proposes Isamu positive to affairs.

4.It is sulky though it superficially pretends appropriate guidance to oneself to hear it when it doesn't try never to follow, and it guides it strongly.

5.In "It supports and it is natural" attitude, the gratitude is thin.

How about you?Then, it is clarification stripes first Sho as for the mechanism that "Selfishness" is completed.

-  The maturation of the legal entity is late for "Selfishness".

Then, why is "Indicator" of the maturation of the legal entity that we psychiatrists catch Sho?Psychiatrist's Saitoucan teacher(- The 1961st grader is rare. Doctor who completes it Tsukuba University medical research department doctor's course. The specialty is psychopathological, and a pathography of adolescence and the adolescence. )Two points of ..peel.. Tsgi have been given.

・Ability to endure stress and surmountable of conflict
・Ability to which my feelings can be appropriately controlled by feeling other party's feelings

After the prepubescence like the high school student from the school child age, these are won from overcoming the mental conflict experience in membership and friendship.

However, the number of young people who are purely excellently cultured without experiencing by the attenuation related to an overprotection and the same age companion in the age of the mental growth that is called a so-called gang age, that is, "It is massaged by the person" in the preparatory school etc. and grow up has increased with the devotion of mother recently.

It has getting over painful of I because such children are not accustomed to fight with the friend and fighting the blocked conflict situation dropping where and it doesn't have the skill that applies the finding agreement. Moreover, it wins one's point from cannot the understanding how the other party gets wounded by this to ending of my nature single-mindedly. Mother helped and it safeguarded it if not going by all means well.

Men who grew up like this are too immaturities to manage the social life cooperatively with the person by a severe modern working environment. They who doesn't have the colleague who speaks unreservedly are even if it has embarrassed it in the company mother who entreats, and do not understand be good when doing very.

- Source http://diamond.jp/series/wagamama/10001/

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The perception that it was feared to the rest room chairman of Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations prolonging progression of the disease of employment and the income environment while knowledge that the economic environment had hit bottom in the conference on the 22nd was shown, and it was in the situation not permitted the prediction was shown.

The rest room chairman of Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations showed knowledge that it was assumed that production lowered inventory adjustment's export recovered around, and it advancing between enterprises and it stopped, described, "March might have been a fundus of gallbladder from January", and the economic environment hit bottom for Asia such as China about the present state of the economy in this.

The rest room chairman : in one side. 「Corporate performance worsens, and capital investment decreases. Progression of the disease of employment and the income environment and it is in the setback Shite descending and the situation in which the prediction is not permitted at all though it is said that it hit bottom also personal consumption expenditure and residential investments. 」Progression of the disease of employment and the income environment worried prolonged because it made it, and the still time in a real restitution of the economic environment showed the perception that it took.

Http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/k10013798371000.html http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/K10037983711_01.jpg * Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations http://www.keidanren.or.jp/indexj.html

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The resignation of assistant director (AD) who supports the production site of the television in the base is successive.
The young person who abandons from early time because the severity and resigns is not endless though it belongs to the production company that receives the order for the program production from the TV station, and limited a lot of numbers of people and all work are handled.
What has occurred in television interests with a strong colorful image now?(Miyake proton)
Diagramatic chart: Fixation ratio of employee who joins five ATP acquisition of membership companies
 - The fixation ratio of the employee is 47%.
Woman AD(25) who talked about "Got irritated ..I who was not able to do because it was always sleepy (It was who has made work).." long ages left the production site of the information program in one and a half years.
There was working hours twice one from 8 AM to 1 o'clock of the middle of the night work for 24 hours during the week.
After it is not possible to return to the house after it works by staying up all night, and the catnap is taken until daytime, work is restarted.
The catnap time is Iu when it was about 4 or 5 hours.
Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP) that organized it with 127 production company companies came to the surface and the severe labor realities of the Skyraider came from the implementation lingua hearing to those who retired AD9 including non-joining company last April.
The work of the Skyraider is wide in the chore of arrangement of program performer's box lunch arrangements and properties with location and the attendance of collection, the edit, and the be on the air.
In remembering working while seeing senior's back in many cases though there is an individual variation in the promotion
It grows up as a director and a producer. However, such a pyramid starts collapsing from the root now.
In the fixation ratio of the employee, that ATP examined for five joining companies every ten years until February this year, the average at 47% and in service periods is 7 months of one year and extremely short = diagramatic charts.
A certain production company president leaks it , saying that "State where taking the place doesn't exist now though there are a lot of people who want to do the television in old times, and taking the place of the Skyraider had very much".
- Without an achievement small feeling of work
There are a lot of voices to enumerate present taking the place Co character of a backdrop not established of the Skyraider.
The president Seiichi Ikeya of production company "Fused membrane"
「Work was not seen as a lifework that looked for the meaning where I was born. I want to want, and to do a favorite thing at the private time even if working. The meaning of the self-actualization is different. 」It says. 
However, there is an affiliate who specifies for industry segments not to have done the education that changes such young person's sensorium, too.
The senior managing governor of Haruki Kito of ATP
「If work is shaken one after another, it cannot help becoming passive though busy can be endured if the febris is put in one work. The senior also sees ahead only by the grumble. 」。
Mr. Nishimasa of "Office N" that researches media also
「There is a company to which it is not had a mind to raise the Skyraider to the inside either. The Skyraider is treated through all eternity as director's assistant, and the young person cannot be helped to abandon it. 」It says. 
Many of programs that the TV station orders are "Gathering household" according to the commercial broadcast affiliate that plural production companies are dispatched the director and the Skyraider and made
It enters the state that a lot of Skyraiders serve concurrently as plural programs so that the order lingua production company may request the dispatch of the Skyraider to another company further by the Skyraider deficiency.

 - Employment cost reduction brunt
There is an affiliate who specifies no payment for which a production cost enough for the production company from the TV station, too.
The affiliate of the production company reveals distress , saying that "Cannot help turning by using the Skyraider of one person to suppress employment cost".
The TV station side also
"The program that the sponsor revenue makes from a production cost the very limit in tapering is abundant"'s (commercial broadcast affiliate) is the facts.
A drastic amelioration plan cannot be found yet though consciousness of crisis with "The program cannot be made when saying as it is" (same as above) has risen, too.

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All Yo of the labor economy white paper idea of 2009 editions that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare made public in the moon was the third clarified. It is specified that it did not cause the consumption rise because movement for the enterprise to increase the number of non-regular workers such as contract workers in the economic recovery phase from 02 years and to control the pay was strengthened. The necessity for stable of employment by the maintenance of a system of long-term employment that is established to non-regular worker promotion of making to the regular member and Japan up to now, and advancing the personnel training is stressed.

The white paper is specified for consumption not to expand and to have caused the stagnation of the domestic demand in the economic recovery phase after 02 years. The sudden deceleration lingua consequence since the autumn of 08 years and Japan are the analysis linguas in the seriously weak economy when having fallen more than another country.  the foreign demand of export etc. that are only tractive force of growthMoreover, when the non-regular worker's employment stop and dismissal come one after another, and the job cutback concentrated regularly non-while suppressed a little, regular member's employment adjustment is a clarification.

Employment was stable by the defense of the system of long-term employment, and the white paper was specified that it was necessary to prevent the crash of the income and consumption.
Concretely, it was assumed that the safety net maintenance of employment such as hardening of work-sharing (work-sharing) including non-regular worker such as contract workers and vocational training was important.

In addition, it appealed to have to achieve an increase and the gap moderation of the income in a mid/long term by improving the vocational capability, and to aim at the consumption rise with wide skirts of a mountain and the stability of internal economy.

The ideal way etc. of the enrollment type dispatch with which employment connected the employment contract only when there were a manufacture dispatch and work that the ban theory has risen among the nervous straightening and opposition parties were restricted to the location with the discussion difficulty in the future.


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You may return at five o'clock. You may ..work.. take the place. Coexisting with bringing up a child might be serious.
However, how about "♪ ahead" ..a natural right...
The KY remark of ,.  may at least stop it by you

3:30PM when positive is still high. Three mama employees disappear by three differences.

The post to which Mr. (39) micah who worked for the major manufacturer was assigned three years ago is child-care leave dawning employee's receiver. Three people one after another are reinstated for half a year, and only Mr. micah : the single. Mamas of work happen and the backlog of work happens for a short time. Copy, tea C seeing, reservation of conference room, and check ...... on notice for circulation. No wonderful work extra hinders the nature. Convex three people, work of level?Yuling is, and passes Yul.

When accountable work seems to be left by them, mamas clearly decline it , saying that "Only trouble everybody". It ..retirement from a corporation.. rendered it to mamas in such and the superior at four o'clock. The look was changed and mamas .."Collective bargaining".. stood up though they would be in time for receiving the day nursery after a delay of 30 minutes.

"Child's rhythm falls into disorder. "

It was guessed that Mr. micah did not understand the meaning, and heard, "Such a rhythm is important".

"The person who has not borne it doesn't understand. "

The second person also is shrewdly bearing it by group ..scaring.. power now mamas who win 3:30 retirement from a corporation.

- Wiping off is single comprehensive work.

Mr. micah is inside ahead as for 40 years old. The current work wipes it off though even the conversion was done to comprehensive work for a long time by the work priority of the mamas. Company..shop..woman..comprehensive work..provide..child-care leave..employee..substitution..worker..employ..end..convenient.Was the reshuffle for that ......?
. ..exceed it because I want to use the system...  give birth also by me ..which.. contented with such a treatment
It is a prohibition that antagonizes the mama group. However, it thinks after all.

Is the system taken full advantage and do not it have a seat?

..Atsumi means.. ..pleasure.. of Toray Industries Institute of Management diversity & work Life Valence division of research length and the office worker are divided into four modalities with the work axle and the life axle. It is a stet stet employee to value work and life.
It is an idle employee to value neither. The valuing sect is employee Nucnuc only in the Barbary employee and life.  the valuing sect only of work

「Employee Nucnuc catches one's eye only by my life. Surroundings are disgusted when insisting only on the right to the company without contributing to anything. 」

- I ...... must : the following.

Researcher Tihal (36) was made to cry by the colleague of Nucnuc. The colleague retired by one telephone , saying that "The thought Yoriko raising is serious" one week before the child-care leave of one year dawned.

As for her, the head has been hunted at the position above Tihal. It takes leave immediately after the paved pregnancy comes to light in case of the threatened abortion. The number of men is not supplemented because of the profession of the good treatment, and colleagues have followed it desperately.

There is a reason why "Retiring while knowing the post is secured immediately before the return is too KY . It is ..reluctant.. Sho even if it seems that there was will being not to return originally" Tihal poisons it. The following were secretly planned in case of my turn when it married last year, and she was reinstated. Even if the position was raised before the career stopped in the child-care leave, the preparation was advanced. The man superior is a settlement yet to sympathize with "This is bad [not good] when the child is one years old" and her. It is different. Feelings that want to begin to be called out.  solve

「It troubles as long as I seem the same sensorium surprising. The worst precedent was made. 」

The door of the child-care leave has extended to the contract employee and the contract worker by revising the Child-Care Leave and Attendance Leave Law in 2005.
The child-care leave purchase rate of the woman : from 50 percent in fiscal year 1996 to 90 percent in fiscal year 2007. The child-care leave penetrates to the woman who tries to have work united to the child care.

However, the gap arises between the person who can use the system by in order of the system of the coexisting support and the person who cannot use it, and dissatisfaction is fumigated.

Prof. Emiko Takeishi (female labor theory) at Hosei University speaks so.

「The taker needs the child-care leave and it is needed to institutionalize scheme for the estimation closing and after it returns when increasing in the so much though it was settled of few because of individual correspondence. Because the executive job from which it takes a rest because of nursing will increase in the future, too the saucer still. 」

The working person will also come out also dissatisfaction than the person who takes a rest if the assessment lowers though is the enterprise that doesn't lower the assessment in the child-care leave for no delay of the promotion either.

「It need not give preferential treatment to the person who takes a rest specially, and there are a lot of colleagues who do not know that in the child-care leave and the reducing time are no compensation either. Because it is considered to reduce it to the colleague who follows floating employment cost, the friction might be avoided. 」(Mr./Ms. Takeishi)

A personnel person in charge of the enterprise also has hurt his head. Because there is a sense of responsibility even if the system is maintained for the employee who also has the ability and the ambition, it hesitates in of troubling you and birth or the person who chooses retirement from a corporation to be antenatal is not a little either. After all, when it results, the gap of Barbary and Nucnuc is sarcastic Iu of opening by the enhancement of the system.

- Even the generation, the parents' family, and the husband are differences.

The way of working after it gives birth is diversified, and there is a person who dares not to use the system either. Temperature gradient of the person who bears it mutually has come to light, too.

For instance, it can rely on the husband and the parents' family or the economic force that employs the baby-sitter is Aruka, and the difference can ..way of working.. be done. And, the intergenerational sensorium gap by making to the late childbirth. In the one's twenties of the bubble generation of the Baricari intention and the full-time housewife intention, the revenue and the motivation of work are different. There is a person who also the executive job to be reinstated ahead of time in the fear of the down of the career, gives a clear-cut attitude, and changes into the dispatch, too. It is not possible to talk about work Life Valence by the common language.

In addition, the situation over the child-care leave has changed completely by this depression.

- Dissatisfaction in the office is an unfair feeling.

Mr. (32) Euonymus yedoensis took the child-care leave for the first time in the company with a natural birth retirement four years ago.
「AKY (Air dares not to be read) strategy because it doesn't change if someone doesn't make the precedent. I was going to do only doing. 」

The colleague took the place for the entertainment at night after it had been reinstated, and it asked the customer for strict punctuality. It was coldly declared that it reported on the pregnancy of the second person to the man superior last year.

「Still, I want still to work. Look at you. 」
It was sentenced that the reinstatement was delayed from the company with mail immediately before dawning of the child-care leave of the second person.
"Child-care leave switching off. "Are bringing up a child and wanting to work KY?──。

Yuki (42) in charge of human affairs of the consulting firm is "Child-care leave switching off" lingua side. A non-regular employee employee in his/her twenties was made in the child-care leave dawning and it made it to the employment stop.

The woman who is commuting spending two time in one way has demanded the work at of can reliance and 10 AM complete , 4:00PMs from the husband and the parents' family. When the child generates heat, I will do very. ..reality.. passing.

It stays up all night by an employee total rising when becoming it during busy times. The dissatisfaction of the the greatest was not length of the working hour but "Unfair feeling. " when questioning about in-house. All are that motivation falls very much when there is a person who is doing Raku though can hold out. She alone doesn't perceive the role of mother while there are experienced mothers who have built the career to restriction Shite, too.

It doesn't try to compromise, and the company considers conditions at home, and even if she proposes that move by it near the company at least, nature and she an Iu attitude. She is cut, and the adoption lingua of a man in his twenties instead.

「Employment cost is put on the person who can work full and has the prospect and Taino is a real intention. I think that an appropriate judgment. 」

- It leads to the office amelioration.

"Child-care leave switching off" KY is another that has it so as not to be done. It is chased at time, and the margin that pays attention to surroundings is lost after it is reinstated. When about 90 percent of employee's colleague who is taking care of a child in a certain enterprise answered, "It is not understood whether gratitude has been expressed even if it follows it", it is Iu according to Mr. Shiho, career counsellor Abe.

「Language foot only in 'Thanks so much'. When how it survived concretely is supplemented, the gratitude is transmitted, and the point that colleagues also support is understood. I consequentially become Raku. 」

The trouble hangs no matter how it holds out. With Mr. Atsumi of the former rising when you put the whole thing in perspective then.

「The person who has the time constraint is awareness Yasui in the hint of the office amelioration. It only has to propose the efficiency improvement of affairs so that everyone may return early. 」

The schedule of the meeting thickly : every 2 hours from 10:00AM. Presentation is done and it brings it together with Pawapo by organizing the data by Power Point while making remarks, and using the material in the meeting of the following scene. ──。Nami (39) who works for the major information company is acquired "Miracle" to the child-care leave dawning.
Constraints are the concentration powers only of Aruka et al. in time. The last meeting is finished at 5:30PM, and it dashes to the day nursery.

When the storm of the meeting leaves, left colleagues do not have work to have already done anything. Overtime duties have obviously decreased to the office that turns completely at Nami's pace. (The katakana name is a Japanese syllabary in the sentence. )

- Source http://news.nifty.com/cs/magazine/detail/aera-20090619-01/7.htm

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The and young in Shinnihon audit corporation and the international accounting office remained and the listed enterprise that had answered, work-sharing" (at the time of of April, 2009) by divided the cutback Shite work according to the investigation ..the working hour a person.. each other remained in 5% of the whole the working hour of the listed enterprise that brought it together.
The control of the overtime work was answered that 68% did.

92% answered in the future when having heard whether to schedule to introduce it in the future from the enterprise that answered that the work share was not introduced, "Do not introduce it".
Answers such as "The split of work and inheritance were difficult. " and "The productivity decreases" occupied the epistatic ..when looking for the problem of the work share...

The source

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The labor management negotiation over the railway operation spin-out of Sagami Railway (Yokohamashi Nishiku) tangled, and the Sagami Railway trade union (1651 associates) showed the posture that did not leave from the strike of the first wave scheduled on the 26th by a total indignation meeting on the 24th. About 720,000 user the greatest people (the train and Bath all flights) are influenced from the strike of this company after an interval of five years since March, 2004 if executed.

A total indignation meeting and chairman Isao Uchiyama of this labor union is an assertion lingua as for the policy with "Cannot help entering from the first train (To the strike) on the 26th when the negotiation is useless by all means".

On the other hand, the management side is the 24th. 「The improvement of working conditions is not aimed at, and an illegal act of dispute. I cannot help discussing the claim for damage to the labor union and the action of corresponding to the executive for the strike implementation. 」The made document was told to the labor union.

It is at April 9 that Sagami Railway, Ltd. decided the spin-out policy of the railway operation in board of directors. The conference of the immediate aftermath and the management side is a clarification lingua , saying that "Getting rid of is attempted from the sense of value at the railway center".

The notice to the labor union is after the board of managing directors on the eighth the day before, and nine times, the labor and management since then, and the conference linguas. "Prior mutual agreement is necessary", "There is a possibility that the working conditions in the future is different according to Shaseki", etc. and it insists to the labor union so that the change in employment person of the major trend may go out though the pay condition at the spin-off doesn't change. The setting lingua of the strike at all day in the 26th and 4th and 5th in July of regular general meeting of shareholders to which the legislative bill of spin-out is resolved without agreeing of the day.

The one that framework of Sagami Railway, Ltd. makes 1117 of 1602 transfer 1117's domicile to this company without assuming dormant company of relation that was since before to be "Sagami Railway, Ltd. preparation company", and changing working conditions on the basis of contract of employment succession law.
In the Patent Law, agreement is assumed not to require it only by notifying the employee who transfers his/her domicile.

It was refused , saying that "Efficiency improvement cannot be attempted" because of the management side though the labor union proposed the idea to make the employee make the holding company in May and proceed from the railway operation of the main body (refusal).

In the strike of 04 years, over the employment cost reduction, it was done for about 2 and a half hours early morning of Sunday, and the influences were about 44,000 people. Commuting and the going to school guest occupy it on this the 26th many of about 720,000 the greatest influenced for the weekday people. The transfer transport is not done. The inquiry is a Sagami Railway, Ltd. customer center To (TEL sees the source).

The source

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Obstinate scolding and sleep loss and pain head/"Low contribution employee" employee bonus 0.

Tokyo internal acreage estate company's office quieted down.

Mr./Ms. Otani is not good because of "". The superior scolded Mr. Yoshiaki Otani (52) of the section chief employment. I ..tone thrown off.. coldly heard it.

The superior is about ten years younger. It seems not to like the material made with the personal computer.
It has encountered similar eyes from the spring of last year to summer. At that time, in-house was encompassed by the feeling tense.

There is a subordinate because of being the section chief employment. The subordinate consulted another superior about the instruction contents when the instruction of work was done. Superior's target faces Mr./Ms. Otani. 「It asks me because it is not trusted from the subordinate. Because you are not tidy, it might be bad. 」。Breathlessness.

--Should it be said there by me?The language was drunk and it crowded.

About 20 people below the president the office of major acreage estate company's subsidiary are working. It is adopted as a contract employee in 06, and "Regular member three years later" and the company are the commitment linguas.

It worked for the pipe materials trading company in Japan that dealt with it centering on Southeast Asia etc. ahead of that.
The purpose of changing 49 years old's job is to increase the welfare pension for old age even a little. "I want to work up to the retirement age and to raise it. "

However, it began to be awkward before it was for one year with the president and the superior. It had been noted putting on the shirt for the full dress of the Philippines if the back hair was bundled or it thought. However, it renewed at once. Affairs and it is remembrance Hanai who has made a big mistake.

It thinks of the intention of the company.

--Fortunately if you resign. It is waited to start to say here.

It was not possible to have slept around last May. Morbus and one person livelihood at losing Chiba's home of the wife eight years ago.
The night is scared.

The scene scolded by the superior revived, and it awoke every evening at two o'clock and four o'clock before dawn.
It came to be overcome by the pain head before it would go to the office before long.

It entered the recuperation at home after the motion perilla at the vacation at the end of August. The personalized number in the doorway of the company changed, and it was not possible to go in and out to the liberty after a short while.

"Reactive depression" is diagnostic of the department of psychosomatic medicine. It is likely to worsen getting excited when speaking with the company affiliate, and the tranquilizer is indispensable.

--There might be times of the fall not noticed. The reason for scolding (scold) and annoying is not found even if it thinks in modesty.

- It continues a little more.

- Transition of consultation number of bullying and annoying drawn to country

- Source

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It has been understood that one person in three of the people on whom the voluntary retirement is urged is appealing for "Slump of the mind" by the consultation of the administration labor in fiscal year 2008 from bringing Tokyo together. The rate at which mental damage is received compared with the bankruptcy etc. projects also to the proportion that becomes in a slump because of annoying of the office exceeding 30 percent.
The realities of the worker mentally cornered were proven by restructuring according to the difficult employment situation.

Both 22,433, and 32,242"Bully and annoy" "Encouragement to retire etc." including the retirement compulsion is the highest in the summary of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in the past among the consultations of labor in fiscal year 2008 drawn to administrative divisions Bureau of Labor. On the other hand, the Tokyo labor consultation information center investigated originally and totaled causalities of "Slump of the mind" such as the sleep losses and the psychotic depressions with self-assessments and them.

738 (33.4%) each other ..the appeal...  in a slump of the mind as a result among 2207 consultations of "Retirement compulsion"
The consultation of annoying from the colleague was 1260, and 391 (31%) ruined the mental health.

The proportion is a small compared with the retirement compulsion and annoying though 5.9% of the consultation numbers of "Dismissal" in the employment relation and 2.8% in "Corporate bankruptcy" have received mental damage. The sexual interlude etc. were urged, 40.2% appealed for the slump of the mind to "Consideration type sexual harassment" that was dismissed and reshuffled by correspondence, and the rate was a the greatest.

The same center is analyzing, "It might be said by the company that was going to have contributed, 'Leave from me' and the standpoint with a difficult Tau food and job change, too be mentally tighter though the dismissal go bankrupt of the company circumstance is serious".

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"Problem of management"

The case where the hourly pay is one-sidedly lowered is successive since April this year among non-regular workers of the postal service company (Japanese mail) assumed to be in 160,000 person or more whole country. Non-regular employee who chiefly bears the postman etc. is a personnel rating before the contract renewal and the feed at time is a decision. The union thinks that they made this assessment severe so that the management may reduce employment cost.
100 yen or more and the worker who fell the hourly pay descend, and anger is felt increasing , saying that "It is too one-sided".

The complaint "The feed is one-sidedly lowered in April" began to gather in Japanese postal administration group trade union (JP labor union) Kinki region headquarters that non-regular worker also joined after February this year. Non-regular "Employment employee of the period" is an agreement for six months.
When the time feed has fallen at this time, it is Iu though the personnel rating that is called "Skill recognition" before the contract renewal is received and the time feed is decided.

This company is the accounts for the year ending March for 09 years and bottom line is sluggish. When the document of the gist from which the employment cost reduction is requested was sent to each branch by the headquarters in February this year, it is Iu according to the affiliate. The union demands the withdrawal from the management , saying that "The pay reduction is made and the valuation basis of the skill recognition ..purpose.. is made severe intentionally". The management is insisted on, "The basis of the skill recognition has not changed", and the argument traces parallel lines.

As for a man who works for about four years in the Kobeshi internal branch in one's forties, the feed falls for 110 yen in April, and many 10000 monthly salaries of the net profit about 200,000 yen have decreased even to the yen. 「Because assessment has not fallen, and technology has not fallen beforeWith this, it is not possible to live. 」Distrust is felt increasing solving.

A man who worked for about five years in another branch in one's forties also fell for 110 yen. The mirror only broke to the motorcycle though "Breakage of the motorcycle used for the postman and loss of mail" was the reasons. The mail assumed to be a loss is discovered in the branch after a few minutes and harm Hanai. Besides this, a good man is resented , saying that "Bottom line is sure to press progression of the disease lingua bill only against us at the vulnerable position" when there are a lot of colleagues to whom the hourly pay was lowered drastic for trivial reasons.

This company ..coverage of Mainichi Shimbun.. assumes, "The problem concerning the basis of our management, and speaking outside is not suitable".


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The number of temporary workers who were killed and injured in one year last year by the workers' accident is 5631 people according to the investigation of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
It increases to eight times or more exceeding 5000 people compared with 2004 when the dispatch of manufacture was lifted 2 years in a row.
There is a testimony of "Workers' accident Cac doing", too and the root in the question is deep. Is there a countermeasure?

"...... without neglecting safety in ..no regular member it.. reason"
Japan Federation of Bar Associations is a meeting on April 22 over the workers' accident that opens in Tokyo. Mr. (59) (Yamanashi Prefecture South Alps City) Tstsshisan Iikubo of father who had lost the son in the rollover appealed so.

Eldest son Shuhei (22 years old at that time) falls from the under inspection of Futa of the can that flows in the belt conveyor and the work bench that stands in the plate working shop in August, 2003 and hits my head hard. It died like the unconsciousness about three months later.
At that time, Shuhei is an employee of the contract company that is involved in the production line of the shop. Substantially, when it was a contract worker who says now, it is Iu.

Shuhei was leaking it to father by telephone by two Hikuma of the accident , saying that "The work bench seemed to be narrow, to fall, and it to be scary".
The..work bench..foothold..all sides..height.There are neither a roughtree rail nor a seat back.
Mr. Iikubo was request for price quotation as for the same size work bench, and, moreover, it stood. It reveals it , saying that "Painful and being able to stand are about one hour".

Man (58) in Tokyo was in the workers' accident ..twice every these three years... Materials of 2 meters in height, 1 meter in width, and 30 kilo in weight that were leant materials while transporting it fell three years ago, and the tempora part was cut by 20 centimeters.
The hemorrhage lingua said awfully and the employee at the dispatch destination said, "Suppression and disregarding with the towel". It was left for as much as 30 minutes until going to the hospital.

There is no prior safety training, and is no instruction of the helmet wearing. 「The dispatch is a swordfish of learning by experience. Besides, there is no work though it thinks so. 」It spilt it. 

- Tip of the iceberg
It is at the point "The figure is a tip of the iceberg" that the affiliate arranges its mouth of the finding in this country.

The employee of the temp agency in the metropolitan area「The workers' accident is not reported. The dispatch destination is troublesome in the procedure. Because the exposure of an illegal way ..working.. to have might be feared」"Workers' accident Cac doing" is perceived. 

It is done illegal workers' accident Cac Shiga because temporary worker's standpoint is weak.
Man (34) in Shiga Prefecture slided the foot from 05 Toshiharu and ladders in a plastic processing plant, and fell below by one meter. "If it is not a regular member, the application for workers' accidents compensation is impossible" and it is Iu in the temp agency when coaxed though a left knee etc. were hit.
The individual payment of the treatment expense was paid by using health insurance.

Man (27) in the saitama prefecture tears a muscle in the car assembly shop, and persuades the disliked dispatch destination in last summer.
The workers' accident was reported. However, it was dismissed from the temp agency one month after due to the accident.
The muscle is doubted that the expert lingua straightening by the application for workers' accidents compensation.

Secretary-general Hideichiro Sekine of trade union "Dispatch union" (Tokyo) organized with temporary workers「It is exactly disposable. Safety education and training and correspondence to the injury are insufficient. The temporary worker can do nothing but defend its body for myself. 」It solved and the tone was strengthened.

"The dispatch destination is a god. "
To begin with, not ending the serious situation that can be called worker disregard has a legal responsibility of the temp agency vague at the destination of the dispatch over safety and the compensation in the backdrop.

The safety education and training of care in anti-respect that exists in the enterprise at the dispatch destination and work etc. is a temp agency in the responsibility that turns on the safety device that doesn't place the hand in case of the pressing machine. The acquisition of membership object of the workers' accidents compensation insurance is not the dispatch that actually handles the worker destination but employer's temp agency. Even if the workers' accident is caused by the gross negligence at the dispatch destination, all burdens are not imposed in fact in the workers' accidents compensation insurance.

Has a legal regulation been left?
There is a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare affiliate who tells, "The workers' accident's the idea of affairs with a high expertise it was in the mind neither or happening in succession even originally assumed it to the dispatch", too.

Secretary-general Sekine in addition to a legal difficulty specifies, "Originally, the temp agency that should safeguard the worker becomes like the subcontractor in the dispatch destination, and Sao is promoted seriously".

In the temp agency in the metropolitan area「The destination of the dispatch to give work is a god. Arrange the person in our work according to the demand at the dispatch destination. 'Light work' and the advertisement Shite person are collecting sites in the shop etc. though it has not seen. 」
It tells it. 

The contract company assumes the responsibility of the compensation though there is no employment practice in the contract business of the construction site so that the responsibility should not become vague. The generalization of Keiichiro Hamaguchi researcher of the labor policy research and the training mechanism (social policy) proposes, "The dispatch business should use the worker, and harden the responsibility of the compensation for workers' accidents at the dispatch that turns out profit destination" referring to this respect.
The dispatch destination makes the mechanism that pays the temp agency the dispatch fee including a part of the insurance premium of the workers' accidents compensation insurance. ――The idea is shown.

The enterprise 20 percent is not reported at the sensorium low dispatch destination.
Why does not temporary worker's workers' accident decrease?The problem of the way of working of dispatch comes from the finding of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to the surface.

Temporary workers who were killed and injured in the labor accident in 2008 are 5631 people. 8.4 times compared with 04 years when the dispatch to manufacture was lifted. The number of temporary workers is about 3.81 million people in the investigation in latest fiscal year 2007. 1.7 times about 2.27 million people in fiscal year 2004 though a simple comparison cannot be done because this number is totals every fiscal year. It can be said that the casualty by the workers' accident will increase rapidly compared with the expansion of the number of temporary workers.

It makes a special mention of the experience period's of work short. For instance, one person in three people will not come up in three months when manufacture that accounts for 60 percent or more of the whole of the temporary worker who suffers from the workers' accident accident is seen. It accounted for 62.9% in case of less than one year.

Company to be supplied with labor of temporary personnel's sensorium to the workers' accident is a low way. In the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Ordinance on Labor Safety and Hygiene, when the temporary worker encounters the workers' accident of the closed four days or more, both the temp agency and the company to be supplied with labor of temporary personnel should report on "As soon as possible" to the labor standards inspection office. However, it is 4574 of 80 percent that it was being reported by the company to be supplied with labor of temporary personnel among 5631 people who totaled it by this investigation, and differences of the number of reports with the temp agency have gone up to 1057 people. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare plans hardening also of guidance to the company to be supplied with labor of temporary personnel as "Not reporting on the workers' accident becomes a breach of law".

Corporate juridical person Temporary Work Services Association of Japan that about 770 temp agency companies join「Because the company to be supplied with labor of temporary personnel starts withering needs Oka, it is certain that there is a case dispatched disregarding person in question's aptitude. The effort to make the temporary worker firmly understand the site is requested from the temp agency. 」It speaks. 

-There is no more to it (than that)-
The diagramatic chart "Workers' accident casualty of the by types of industry"

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The case where the trainee and the apprentice who was working by the foreigner training system died increased rapidly, and it was found to have gone up to the highest 34 people (13 proportion Ma fiscal year 2007) in the investigation of foundation and Japan international training cooperation organization (JITCO) in fiscal year 2008.
Especially, the encephalon and the heart disorder to which the long workhour was assumed to be a cause became 2.5 times or more compared with six of fiscal year 2007s every 16 people.
The foreigner trainee problem attorney report association requested investigations of the realities of the long workhour and the recipience situation etc. of the workers' accident from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as "There is a doubt of death from overwork, too" on the 22nd.

JITCO that promoted the foreigner training system brought the report from the acceptance enterprise together. The death toll exceeded 20 for the first time in fiscal year 2004. The encephalon and the heart disorder such as acute myocardial infarctions (infarction) and the subarachnoidal hemorrhages occupied 16 people among 34 deceased persons in fiscal year 2008. Workers' accidents of the on working are five people, and the suicide is one person. The encephalon and the heart disorder go up to 67 people in the dead by the investigation for 92 years by 213 aggregate people among these.

In the consultation drawn to the foreigner trainee problem attorney report association, when overtime duties of 100-200 hours a month are often done, it is Iu. Attorney Shoichi Ibusuki : overtime duties of 100 hours a month in the line to which the hazard of death from overwork is specified. 「The brunt of the crushing labor comes to training and the apprentice in the background of the deterioration in the economy. Is not the case that is good at the application for workers' accidents compensation neither many of encephalons nor the heart disorders though there is a doubt of death from overwork and is?」It analyzes it. 

It works at the scrap shop in Tokyo, and overtime duties of 100 hours or more are done month though apprentice and Chouta Teru (35) in China that visited Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with attorneys visited Japan by training the welding. Mr. even number spoke, "The soreness felt the crisis of the feeling life in the back and the heart". Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is Iu when having stayed in the answer to the report association, "Workers' accident prevention Equus kiang N is done with the pamphlet etc.".

JITCO is spoken, "The deceased person spurt wants to harden the workers' accident prevention such as seminars based on the consequence by an extremely regrettable situation".

The source

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Ibrigge (Osaka Prefecture Osakashi) went.
It has been understood that 14% answered whether the bonus of the summer of this year can be gotten, "That day is not understood" according to "Investigation concerning money".
The investigation was done by "Fruit mail" member whom this company developed for 1000 men and women of 20 years or more.

Summer..bonus..always..get..answer..partially..cut..get..originally..bonus..provide..this year..summer..bonus..Hanai.
Being able to get the bonus at ease remained to 30 percent of the whole.

When the usage of the bonus was heard, "Money is saved" was 1st place by 30%.
"Appropriate it to the Loon repayment and the credit repayment" is 23%, and "Appropriate it to living expenses and the food cost" 15% in the 2nd place following. 「It is still undecided. It doesn't use for the time being and it thinks slowly. 」However, 12%.
Reflection Shite or a steady usage can hear the depression here.
"Went on a trip", "Bought and bought newly of electrical appliances", and "Use it for the hobby", etc. rose 5th place as follows.

Moreover, 1st place was "Delivered it to the police" (64%), 2nd place "Delivered it to the worrying enumeration phrase and police" (20%), and "Necobabaed it. " (11%) of 3rd place when asking how to do if falling for one million yen.

"The person was bought" (24%), 2nd place "Save it" (22%), and 3rd place "Appropriated it to Loon and the debt repayment. " (14%), and in addition, 1st place was "Stopped working" (6%), and "Investment in the share and receivables. " (5%) of 4th place when asking how to do if passing by 300 million Ento in the lottery.

The source

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- The mind and body, the very limit entertainment endurance, physical condition Cz doing, and dropping also
- Labor side appeal"The feed 1000 yen is necessary at time. "

Minimum wage that has big influence on non-regular worker's like a part etc. pays. Central Minimum Wages Council's (Health Minister's advisory panel) that talks about the revision in fiscal year 2009 deliberation becomes full-scale in the vicinity. Council in various places discusses based on the forehead that an inside fee council shows as a standard, and the fees of various places are shown by the end of August. The labor side in which it worries about inside where the harsh economic condition continues and "Improving 0" appeals for the hike because of various approachs.
It searched for the current state of the fee from the movement of the labor side.

"It was political, took pains with the government, and it used and round table holding was requested. "The high tree great physical strength chairman of the union clarified that holding the meeting over the fee was requested on May 21. The round table agreed on last year opening, and mid/long term hike of the fee when Minimum Wage Legislation was revised. The union is a strategy that takes the commitment of the hike ahead again in the round table as for an inside fee council. It looks for the sense of crisis on the labor side by calling the exception.

The improving forehead of last year's national averages (hourly pay) is 16 yen that exceeds the previous year for two yen. The average forehead became 703 yen, and rose to 700 yen level for the first time. The width of improving has grown because it was assumed, "The conformity with public assistance expense is considered" by law revision, too. At the time of of last year, the number of administrative divisions that fell below public assistance expense was 12, and deviation () forehead was 9-89 yen. The opinion with "The hike is out of the question in this depression" begins to appear from the management side though they are assumed the aim of the cancellation within four years including this year, too.


National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) is doing the approach that the associate lives by the fee to such a situation at last few years.
It lives for assumptions Shite and 110,000-130,000 yen a month when 322 people participate in 15 provinces this year, and it worked by the fees of various places on total the 22nd (For eight hours a day). It is possible to live really or "Lived by the minimum wage for one month" (Aki bookstore) that brought the experience until last year together is a reputation to probat it.

The appearance with which it makes In managing to endure the use turning, the dessert, and the movie of the food is introduced.
It upsets one's health hungry, and the example of the mental dropping understands the danger of very limit life well a lot.
If the person who drops out on the way is not a little, either it is Iu.

The feed when it is me recommends Kao to be calculated ..more than the fee.. again in the book. Overtime pay, the allowance of regular attendance, the family allowance, and the commuting allowance are pulled from the salary, and it divides by the working hour (scheduled working hour) to which the company provided it.
This forehead is and the low situation has the possibility of the Minimum Wage Legislation breach from the fee.

The head of National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) of Keiichi Ito Research Bureau speaks, "Not only the worker of the hourly pay calculation like the part etc. but also even the regular member has the case of pay of the Minimum Wage Legislation breach". Actually, when the male worker of the monthly salary 140,000 yen calculated it in Kanagawa Prefecture, it is Iu when becoming a hourly pay 740 yen, and having fallen below the fee 766 yen of this prefecture. In the estimate from the supervision guidance consequence of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, it is assumed that there are about 6.6% of all business establishment Minimum Wage Legislation breach.

Director of a bureau Ito「The minimum wage may not become a pay to keep working. I want to appeal that a straight minimum wage of the hourly pay 1000 yen is at least necessary. 」It speaks. 

- Fiscal year 2008..regional..minimum wage..yen..feed..Hokkaido..Aomori..Iwate..Miyagi..Akita..Yamagata..Fukushima..Ibaraki..Tochigi..Gunma..Saitama..Chiba..Tokyo..Kanagawa..Yamanashi..Nagano..Niigata..Mt. Tomisan..Ishikawa..Fukui..Gifu..Shizuoka..Aichi..Mie..Shiga..Kyoto..Osaka..Hyogo..Nara..Wakayama..Tottori..Shimane..Okayama..Hiroshima..Yamaguchi..Tokushima..Kagawa..Ehime..Kochi..Fukuoka..Saga..Nagasaki..Kumamoto..Oita..Miyazaki..Kagoshima..Okinawa.

Average 703

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A temporary recommendation of the National Personnel Authority that requests to reduce the bonus of federal officer regular government service's summer (end of the period and diligent allowance) for 2.15-0.2 months is received.   The outlook to which about 90% of the whole city district town and village except the government-designated major city reduce staff's bonus by the municipal law revision has understood the 26th from examining Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

It was assumed that the revision was scheduled whether 13 cities (72・2%) of 34 Dofu prefecture (72・3%) and 18 government ordinance city had revised the municipal law in administrative divisions and the government ordinance city among 47 administrative divisions.

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications assumes, "Sensorium that the city, ward, town and village matched it to a situation private with which the distance with the resident was short, and severe might have worked more strongly".

The government brought the policy of completely executing a temporary recommendation together in the investigation, and the decision calositas was received, and the correspondence policy of the schedule of the revision of the municipal law of all municipalities at the time of, May 22 was brought together through administrative divisions.

1598(89・7%) of 1781 all city, ward, town and villages other than the government ordinance city is "The revision and the revision schedules and exist" and answers according to it.
"Did of the schedule" stayed in 137(7・7%).


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Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. is an implementation lingua for 35 years old who faced at the ice age after the bubble as for the questionnaire survey concerning employment.
Even the regular member is about four million according to the consequence the household revenue, and when 69% feels it, Iu as for stagnation of the revenue.

The situation of the glaciation generation that the person of 60 percent was experiencing changed his/her job though the person of 58% hoped for the lifetime employment was brought into relief.
In addition, it was clarified also that more the job change frequency was, the fewer the revenue was from the investigation.

Moreover, American Bureau of Labor announced the finding concerning dealings of the academic background and employment. A lot of ..revenue.. unemployment rates by a high academic background were lows.  the consequence

The consequence that both revenues and unemployment rates have the twice or more differences in graduate of a high school and the master is announced.
In the influence of the economic fluctuation, the university graduate with the bachelor degree receives as greatly as a low academic background, and worsens the unemployment rate between May, '08 and May, '09, and 4.8%, and graduate of a high school worsens from 2.3% from 5.2 to 10%.

The source

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The wage increase forehead that put the periodical increment of the big enterprise together on raising the wage basis was 5758 yen on the average according to the final total of the labor management negotiation consequence in the spring of this year that Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations brought together on the 19th.
The coming to an agreement forehead falls below the previous year for 513 yen, and decreases after an interval of five years. In the depression of export by the simultaneous slowdown of the world economy, the car and the chemistry, etc. were in a slump it.

The valid response was obtained from 110 companies of 500 working force people or more that listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchance 1st section. Because the bottom line of each company got cold since the last autumn, many of wage increases are thought to be raising the wage basis but a regular rise.
The Rate-of-Climb of the previous year proportion also remained in 1.81%, and it was lower than the previous year after an interval of five years.
Manufacture was 5693 yen in the by types of industry, and the non-manufacturer was 6139 yen.

Japan Federation of Economic Organizations「The pay went up also under severe bottom line in the regular rise etc.The enterprise tends to coordinate the entire pay by the abatement of the employee bonus and lump sum money. 」It makes it. 

- Corporate juridical person Japan Business Federation/ Nippon Keidanren http://www.keidanren.or.jp/indexj.html

- Source

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It has been understood that staff's average annual salary exceeds seven million yen in 187 that hits 10 percent of the municipality in the whole country where administrative divisions and the city, ward, town and village were matched municipalities. Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications is a presumption lingua at the time of of April, 2008 total Shite as for the average annual salary.  the average salaries according to the municipality that discloses it recently, the benefit package, and the bonusThe height is 8.45 million yen of Tokyo Tamashi. A private dietary level seems to become strong and to become strong the criticism to the civil servant's thickness treatment around the low region.

Up to now, local public servant's dietary levels have been compared for only base pay by "Laspeyres indices" that assumes federal officer's salaries to be 100.
This time, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. calculated the average annual salary of the regular employees except a school personnel and a policeman and a temporary staff based on salaries and the benefit package of the monthly sum.

- Source

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The Pasona group of the temporary staffing major (Tokyo) started the support business that was able to hold a concert "Concerto" inboard of the Kobe port of pleasure boat for the dispatch enrollment employee who attempted coexisting of work and the music activity. The use fee such as the music machine parts inboard the same is increased and the occasion of the suppression performance is increased to usual half the price.

This group starts "Music Mate" business intended for the artist in 2006. Service that can use the music associated facility modestly-priced is being provided besides it introduces 3-5 and the time reduction dispatch where it can work destinations of the week to the enrollment lingua musician and actors as a contract worker.

The concert is held by the dispatch enrollment employees' reserving the event hall inboard the same, and using the mike and the speaker, etc. by a modestly-priced price. Seats are 30-50 seats, and the price : from 73,500 yen of 30 including the boat fare and the tea set fee. If one of the members is a dispatch enrollment employee of music Mate, it is possible and it Iu when performing in the group.

- Pasona group(2168)

- Source

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Kurt Campbell (Kurt Campbell) nominated by Obama U.S. political power by the Assistant Secretary of State in charge of east Asia and the Pacific Ocean attends the public hearing of Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the tenth, and is an assertion lingua as for the intention to which the participation of the United States in Asia Pacific region is hardened.
Moreover, the policy of hardening the alliance of the Asia Pacific Ocean nations Japan and, and in particular,, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand was clarified.

It is described, "Should 'The appearance is shown ..United States.. ..unpalatable..' ..former naval officer's Canberre.." in the public hearing in the private scholar coming from, and allied nations in Asia are tacitly the criticism linguas in the plural that sponsors it regional meeting as for Bush administration that doesn't attend.

This Mr. : further. 「It has the influence power immediately and immediately for the short term for Japan though gaining power of China has a big influence for the United States. Advancing under strong cooperation with Japan when dealings with China are constructed is an optimal way. 」It made, the role of China in the international society stressed close cooperation with the member country in increasing inside and Asia Pacific region, and in particular, with Japan, and it was stressed to have to advance it.

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"The most diligent country in the world" Northern Europe is : of the epistatic monopoly and Japan to the 10th place out of the sphere - U.S. magazine.

The U.S. magazine and Forbes announced the consequence of the international comparison investigation concerning "Country where people were diligent" on June 15, 2009. It is a Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that investigated (OECD). Japan where the image "Diligence" was strong fell 10th place as follows, and 4countries of Northern Europe came in the tenth best place. Report of ring ball time signal.

According to German daily newspaper "Berliner Tsitung", the investigation was executed for OECD membership 30countries. Based on three horn generation's employment rate and working hour of 09 years in each country "Ten large diligent nation" was listed. 25 years old -  50 years old who who is 15-24 years old, and in the prime of life who is the generation of beginning work and 50 years old before it retires -  65 years old with three horn generation while entering school.

10 4countries of places is Scandinavian countries. Iceland was 1st place, Denmark was 3rd place, Sweden was 5th place, and Norway was 6th place. The specialist is analysis , saying that "The reason for people is that it works after these countries are cold, and duration of sunshine are short, and the sun drops".

On the other hand, there is comparatively a long custom at lunchtime in clement Mediterranean Sea nations, and work hour is also short.
Because the working hour inevitably becomes long from a labor force little, "Clement country" New Zealand's having come in 2nd place as well as Switzerland :.

The American thought to be "Work favor" from Europe managed to enter within 10th place.
The employment rate of the United States rate of employment, and in particular, of the young person is ..low.. cause.  became "Just"
It depends on the reason as which it is the same that neither South Korea nor Japan put it in 10th place. By the way, China doesn't become the object of the assessment because it has not joined OECD.


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Iwatemachi Congress (constant 16) voted down the legislative bill that reduced regular government service's end of the period and 0 two diligent allowances during month by an opposite multitude while the legislative bill that reduced 0 15 term-end allowances of town Gi in June during month with the special government service such as mayors was passed in the temporary association on the 28th.

Congress that worries about the influence on the regional economy is "Let me change my move" Oka grider type though a temporary recommendation of the National Personnel Authority is received, and a lot of municipalities are advancing the abatement procedure. The town proposes the temporary association again on the 29th and it proposes the call and this legislative bill.

It is a municipal law idea that the town proposed that reduces regular government service's end of the period and diligent allowance in June. The aggregate amount for the abatement mounts up to about 10.62 million yen. The question, there was a voice to rectify the aggregate amount for the abatement and the influence on the town economy, and it was voted down by consequence "7 and agreed opposite 8" of the voting by rising.

On the other hand, the municipal law idea that reduced 0 15 term-end allowances of mayor, sub-mayor, superintendent of education, and town Gi during month was passed by the unanimous approval.

After closing a meeting, an opposite assembly member enumerated the reason , saying that "It was contradicted to lower the allowance in the economic policy while flash benefit money was supplied" and "As for the mainstay and the young man staff, a lot of child-nurturing generations affect life, too".

Sub-mayor Minoru Segawa「..drinking.. consequence to You can't mean that.  there was ignorance concerning contents of the legislative billIt is necessary to match it to the economic situation and the sense in the world. 」With perplexity. June 1 called out the temporary association again for the salary forehead calculate standard day on the 29th, and the policy of proposing a similar legislative bill was decided.

Man's "Stability intention" becomes strong -. The basis as which the man had chosen the place of employment made "Stability of the company" the highest according to the new employee consciousness investigation that Kioritz General Institute of a Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank think tank (Gifu Prefecture Ogakishi) announced on the third in 31.1% and the pasts of 2.7 preceding fiscal year proportion point increase.

"Category of business and activities" (64・3%) "Atmosphere and image" (45・3%) was followed by multiple answers up to three.
"Holiday and working hours" is also the highest in 21.2% of four point increase in the past.
It was opposite, and "Independent intention" assumed that it wanted to request the place of activity originally was 13.1% of 5.6 point decrease and the minimum in the question of "Position to want to start in the future" in either in the past.

On the other hand, there was in "Position to want to start in the future" the woman by "Specialist intention" and were 58.8%(1.1 point increase) and no preceding fiscal year and no big changes.
Researcher Yutaka Haneda is analyzing, "The woman is not influenced easily in the trend (economic situation) from which "Employment in the person" is originally requested though the stability intention became strong a man in the deteriorating state of the economy".

The investigation is an implementation every year from fiscal year 1996. It did for those who attended a lecture about the new employee training association for the customer enterprise that opened at the March-April, and the answer was obtained from 1391 people this year (valid response rate 97.2%).

The source
U.S. Major League announced that they came in 17th place by the popularity ranking of university student's "Enterprise that wanted to find employment" on the 28th. It is the first time and Iu that Major League entered within 100th place.
In each major, an education and an economic student were 11th place.

It was only in Major League that entered within 100th place among leagues of U.S. 4 large Prosports.

In the one that the wish enterprise was totaled from December last year to April this year for 60,000 university students where the research company had refrained from the graduation of all Americans, 1st place was Gugl of Internet search engine. In 2nd place, Walt Disney of the entertainment and media and 3rd place are Apple of the computer. Toyota Motor is in 43th place and there is Honda in 68th place.

The executive of Major League is speaking with "A young caster perceives and think the calositas to be a very glad" etc.

- Source
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced that the rate of employment of the new graduate of the university the 22nd and this spring was 95.7% of the preceding fiscal year proportion 1.2 point decrease.

It changed to the downfall by the recession from last year after an interval of nine years though the preceding fiscal year was the highest after fiscal year 1996 launched an inquiry.

The informal decision rate of the high school new graduate is 93.2% of 1.5 point decrease, and setbacks after an interval of seven years.
Both the girl's fighting hard stood out.

Both reflecting extracts 6250 graduates in fiscal year 2008 from the university, the junior college, and Technical Colleges of the national public and private. The proportion in which it had found employment in the applicant for a job on April 1 was totaled.

Among these, in university graduate's rate of employment, the boy is 95.9% of 0.7 point decrease, and the girl is 95.4% of 1.9 point decrease. Hokkaido and Tohoku are minimum in regional by 91.3% of 3.1 point decrease.
Kyushu continued and 91.8% and China and Shikoku of 1.6 point decrease continued by 93.7% of 4.4 point decrease.

The junior college graduate was 94.5% of 0.1 point decrease, and the Technical College graduate was 100% of 0.4 point increase.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology also investigates the informal decision rate at the end of March for the graduate of a high school person in the whole country. The boy was 95.5% of 0.9 point decrease, and the girl was 90.2% of 2.3 point decrease.

- University graduate rate of employment and transition of informal decision of graduate of a high school rate

- Source
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare brought the business detail of "Urgent human resources development and finding employment support fund" that was the pillar of the employment measures of the additional budget in fiscal year 2009 together on the second.
The frame that provides living expenses of 120,000 yen in the the greatest monthly sum for the person etc. to whom the unemployment benefit is not received contingent on vocational training is prepared for 300,000.
The system that supports finding employment through a private job introduction enterprise for the person who has lost his/her job long is introduced, too.
These businesses are economic environment progression of the diseases and think that it wants to soften the rising instability of employment the schedule of execution sequentially from July.

The government founded the fund of the aggregate amount 700 billion yen to save non-regular employee etc. who lost the employment in the additional budget as "The second safety net" of employment in fiscal year 2009.

The source


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