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When Nihonkeizai Shinbun HR investigated recently concerning the job hunting of the university and the graduate student in Tokyo, it was understood that industry segments that did not want to go were "Foodservice" while the first industry segments place where it wanted to go was "Trading company".

1st place of "Industry segments that want to go" is "Trading company" following last year, and the approval rating is 29.2%(29.2% last year). As for 2nd place, "Life insurance and nonlife insurance (20.6%)" came in "Bank (22.2%)" and 3rd place. On the other hand, similar "Foodservice" of industry segments that did not want to go was top last year with 21.3%.

The valuing point when entering it became "Occupation" (proportion 10.1pt decrease of the previous year), "Fringe benefit" (7.6pt decrease), and "Rate of awareness" (7.0pt decrease), and became a consequence that reflected feelings of the student "Margin Hanai who stuck to the occupation and rate of awareness". On the other hand, sensorium Shite or "Internationalism" is 4.9pt advance lingua as for the narrow domestic market.

Moreover, when having searched for Kao the desire very, the student of 64.2% answered the proposal "It should make within three years a newly graduated treatment after college" such as governments, "It thought so, and it wanted you to become it so".
The reason includes "It is possible to concentrate on studies" and "Lead to the equalization of the occasion", etc.
On the other hand, the dissenting student has enumerated the reasons such as "The number of those who depend too much increases" and "Employment doesn't necessarily increase".

Join a company..overseas together..overseas

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It was clarified to be estimated that there were at least 79,000 students who repeated a year as the graduation period coming at the university in the whole country by "Ability of the university" investigation of the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Finding employment is not decided against the background of "Newly graduated batch adoption" of a persistent enterprise and the student who will face job hunting (Ts) again as "New graduate" next year increases rapidly. The number of graduands is about 568,000 people, and one person in seven people becomes a total calculation to which it repeats a year, and is inviting further intensification of the competition prevailing on the employment front. The concrete clarification of the realities of the finding employment repeating a year is first.

"Ability of the university" investigation is an implementation for national public and private 4-year university (The correspondence course etc. are excluded)735 schools of the whole country for two years.
About 50 items like the number of graduates and the number etc. of those who found employment were asked around the approach of the finding employment support this year of the third times, and 589 schools of about 80% answered. The difference between a graduand who is on the register in the graduation annual and an actual graduate turns out in that and it turns out to go up to about 79,000 people in fiscal year 2009. The follow-up lingua of this difference by the main 20 universities.

As a result,
〈1〉There are little reasons except repeating a year like the withdrawal, going abroad to study, and the death, etc.
〈2〉It is thought that the slump of job hunting is a reason for most of those who repeat a year though the detailed realities are unclear.
〈3〉Repeating a year due to underachievement concentrates on three annuals, and it is exceptional in the graduation annual.
――Answer..obtain..hardly..all..find employment..repeat a year..person..possibility..extremely..high.
The total of those who repeat a year finding employment also has the possibility of going up to about 100,000 people when simply calculating from the response rate of "Ability of the university" investigation (80 percent).

The country is putting out the estimated value about the realities of finding employment on April 1 every year, and it is announced this year the rate of employment 91.8%. However, this estimate was examined for the graduate who requested finding employment.
It doesn't enter the research objective, and, up to now, the number is ungrasp in those who repeat a year.

- 110,000 "Failed student" ..graduate inclusion.. people
About 31,000 people in the investigation of the country have graduated without deciding finding employment.
This time, if about 79,000 of clarified those who repeat a year are matched, unemployed new school graduates become the total calculations to which about 110,000 characters and the amount and the competition prevailing on the employment fronts intensify.

When taking steps to meet the situation, exempt from a part of repeating a year person's school expenses in the university the detailed realities of the finding employment repeating a year are not gripped at the greater part of universities though it goes out. When the number of on the register students exceeds the quota share of the faculty capacity, it has been limited to a part of university that the penalty such as the subsidy cutting is ..the department.. also, and executes the countermeasure.

A private university in Tokyo was on the third this month, and in the held merger seminar, it did not put in the company that requested it in this spring and there was an appearance of ....repeating a year.. Department of Literature.. schoolboy (24) of four years. There is no promise to promise job though the selection of 20 companies has already been received this year. It was dropped to the appliance maker by the final interview in two Hikuma.
「It is severe. Though it went to the last minute ......」The shoulder was dropped solving.

- How recently at the time of shortened Ts = job hunting to call. It ends in the wish enterprise on the job information site because of the selection and the informal decision that becomes full-scale after April 1 the enrollment Shite start and the fourth grader in around October of the grader of generally three.
The student narrows the wish enterprise by attending and OB visiting the briefing of the enterprise the other day.

The source

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Grief for men that it is made eating crack in back ..such small thing.. ...... ..worried ..unpleasant..... However, the voice to appeal for "Man discrimination" felt it keen more than the imagination while advancing coverage.

Case "Finding employment is difficult" a lot of one that was. For the reporter who experienced "Glaciation" that the co-ed's finding employment was difficult, it is ...... that it is a man to the minus though he cannot imagine working.

Mr. Motohisa of Yazu (Japanese syllabary, 43 years old, and be seeking a job) who says, "It is judged the female request when writing tea Kumi and the cleaning in the job offer contents and the personal history makes it not send". It has the qualification of the second bookkeeping class, and it is an old-timer of year of career.. ten administration around accounting. However, it is Iu.  in case of turning by most interviews away at the door
「Eight in ten is said, 'The woman is left in the mind and offering Oka grider'. Writing in memorandum for offering, 'Only woman' : because the breach of law. 」

Ocatatsya of 10 years in SE Reki (Japanese syllabary and 38 years old) is dropped whenever the interview of the employment related to PC is received.

「The woman is requested as talent who serves as the acceptance and miscellaneous duties, etc. concurrently from the specialist of PC. The woman wants externals if certainly sitting on the acceptance. 」Mr. Oca ridicules oneself solving. The paste entrance is being surpassed by the manual labor of the annual income about one million yen now.

It is Daisuke Saho (Japanese syllabary and 32 years old) in the enterprise of 20 or more to be refused in case of "Needing it is a woman". The request occupational category is a trade and work related to English.

「I have as many as the second STEP class by using English routinely. There is making a passage Reki of 15 countries or more, and it is ..aptitude.. certain. 」

Symptom Hanai and Iu of the amelioration though the guidance requisition sheets are sent to the evenness room of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare labor bureau etc.As Mr. Saho trembling with disappointment and anger「The sexuality is not changed though the deficiency in performance can be supplemented with the effort. This is a kind of apartheid. 」It solved and it vomited and it threw it away.


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