The cutback on hiring and announcements of test results. two kinds every 1000 people of the decrease federal officer

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The cutback on hiring and announcements of test results.  two kinds every 1000 people of the decrease federal officer

The National Personnel Authority announced the successful candidate of two kind of the federal officer examination (university graduate level) that employed the middle management executive candidate of government ministries and agencies and the branch office at 2010 fiscal years on the 20th.

The adoption control policy of the government is reflected, and the number of successful candidates is 4076 people and (21・6%) setbacks from 1123 person preceding fiscal year.
It was few on the second eyes since 1,985 fiscal years when two-kind examination was introduced. On the other hand, the magnification improved from 7.7 to 11.8 times because 8100 people had increased the number of applicants. 1744 people who are less than 569 person preceding fiscal year are scheduled to be employed through the interview of the each ministry agency and the branch office in the future to the successful candidate.

Technical with a lot of adoptions in the field agency is an advance from last year's 5.4 times to 11.6 times. It jumped up from 5.5 to 27.3 times drainage and reclamation engineering among these and construction jumped up from 10.3 to 46.9 times.

15.9% in each academic background etc. ..graduate student (Completion and leaving school before graduation are included)...  24.2% Sots already 58.3% the collegian and the drop-outWoman's proportion was 28.4% that followed 29.6% in the past in fiscal year 2009 that was the highest.

Successful candidates of national tax special government were 1988 people, legal affairs teachers were 233 people, and the labor standard inspectors were 177 people.

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