The aichi prefecture is "Course guide" making 3 languages for the foreigner.

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The prefecture made the guide book that collected information on the course such as going on to school and finding employment for the first time for children who had foreigner's parents. Three modalities (Portugal, Spain, and a Philipino language) were prepared for the child and the guardian. There is Chinese in the Internet version, too.
"Course development guide books of children connected with the foreign country. " on page 60 for the child and the guardian. Features of the school in Japan, the mechanism of the high school entrance exam, and the method of going on to school and finding employment after it graduates of the high school, etc. are described in the each country word and Japanese. Besides this, "Sustainers in course assistance guide book-regions of children connected with the foreign country" was made for the support group and the volunteer. It introduces the case and the employment status etc. of the group that supports study and going on to school in Japanese.
It is possible to download it by retrieving "Multi-cultural probiosis net" by the Internet besides both can be obtained in the prefecture multi-cultural probiosis promotion room.
The inquiry : to prefecture multi-cultural probiosis promotion room =052(954)6138=.
It is presumed that there are 14,300 children of the foreign nationality in elementary and junior high schools in the prefecture, and increases further if the child of the Japan census register with foreigner's parents is matched.

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